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58) Short Story:- Michael Palin IS Bicyclerepairman and Enya is, well, Enya. August 9, 2007

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03:53, Thursday, 9th August 2007

A list of celebrities arrived at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University’s Global Retreat Centre in Nuneham Courtney to engage in a study course to learn the history of their movement and its founders. It was a very good-natured affair with a bit of highjinks and merry japes to lighten the mood. On the opening day everyone was in fancy dress, Michael Palin coming from Oxford on his bicycle as Bicyclerepairman wearing granny glasses, a grey/beige mac, white shirt with no collar, white knotted hanky on his head, the works, with a hint of “My Brain Hurts!”, the Ripping Yarns character who was absolutely fascinated by the statistics of precipitation, and of course Ken the stutterer in A Fish Called Wanda being humiliated and tortured by Kevin Kline. Anyway, after Ken unpacked, he couldn’t find his sunglasses, and felt that since he couldn’t find them anywhere, someone must have pinched them. He didn’t take it amiss, at all, because he mislaid things all the time and found them turning up in the most unlikely places, even though he could have plausibly put them there himself. Another celebrity at the course was the Irish singer, Enya, who dressed as a lepracaun, with a touch of The Green Man, elves, pixies, fairies and lots of mischief. One morning Ken, I mean Michael, Bicylerepairman, commented, in a conversation on how different communities stand out from each other,¬†how when he had been travelling through Northern Ireland in 1982, all the Irish people he met, thought he was from a Catholic background, even though he’d been nominally brought up as an Anglican. Enya piped up with “It’s because you’ve got a squint!” Byclerepairman couldn’t work out the logic of this until later a penny dropped and he realised that she’d known he couldn’t find his sunglasses, and so was squinting in the August sunshine; she must have pinched his sunglasses, the little scamp! He thought he detected not a little hint of humour in her demeanour when making her remark! He felt drawn to the freedom of spirit she displayed in her impish behaviour, and craved to be liberated from the straitjacket of English conformity to taste the spontaneity and dramatic feeling of the Irish way of life. On the last day of the course, in packing his emerald green rucsac to cycle back to Oxford, he found his sunglasses in one of the side-pockets and thought, “I could have put them there, but I have no recollection of doing so!” He entertained the impossible thought that Enya fancied him, “Preposterous!” But he dreamed his fantasy anyway. What if it was true?


57) Draft: Poem: The Day Star shines in Eyes, Aye! August 1, 2007

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15:18, Monday 30th July 2007.

Poem G: Book 4, Unit 1, Section 4.

In the dark night of man,
in transition towards dawn
the darkest hour is at hand.
His Day-Star,
shines resplendent
merciful and kindly,
manifest and radiant,
loving and brilliant.
Lighting up our Night,
with His graceful Presence,
manifest in the hearts
of those beautiful souls
who are already enkindled
who, with their loving hearts
shower our parched souls
with that living water
of God’s love,
flowing to us
from the hollow reed
of a Magic Porridge Pot
showering limpid pure crystal water
a refreshing cooling river
in verdant surroundings
under a warm golden Sun
in which we can immerse ourselves
in His words
cooling and calming
the burning thirsting ardour
of our love-hungry hearts.
Healing us in his wings
in the Royal Falcon
that gently unfolds our broken wings
enabling our flight
into the highest heavens
to approach the heavenly Day-Star
in a firmament
of divine splendour, majesty and grandeur
leaving behind the mere Earth,
the black in the eye of a dead ant.
Let us soar, O God.
Open our hearts
to your strong servants.
Open our ears
to hear the melody of their voice.
Show us your love
shining in their sparkling eyes
that we, like them
may live
for evermore.

Written whilst co-tutoring Book 4 in the 4th Intensive Study Circle Campaign at St Ethelwald’s House, Abingdon.

V. This is the Day whereon the Ocean of God’s mercy hath been manifested unto men, the Day in which the Day Star of His loving-kindness hath shed its radiance upon them, the Day in which the clouds of His bountiful favor have overshadowed the whole of mankind. Now is the time to cheer and refresh the down-cast through the invigorating breeze of love and fellowship, and the living waters of friendliness and charity.

Baha’u’llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, page 7