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378) Published: Recommendation: True Health! January 25, 2008

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Posted, typed and written: 14:36, Friday, 25th January 2008.

“Healing Children’s Attention and Behaviour Disorders,

Complementary Nutritional & Psychological Treatments”

by Dr Abram Hoffer, MD, FRCP (C).


377) Published: Poem: My God, its St John the Divine in a Cloth-Cap! January 25, 2008

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377) Poem My God, it’s St John the Divine in a Cloth Cap

Town and Gown of Oxford, Unite!

Classes of The United Kingdom of The World, Unite!

Tears and Happiness by Scouser, Dodd

Posted, typed and written: 07:26, Thursday, 25th January 2008.

Lennon called Liverpudlians
in the early 60s
“the niggers of England”
because of the condescending contempt
he felt they were regarded with
by the powerful educated middle classes of the Home Counties
who held in their mighty grasp
the social credit balances
of anyone who dared to speak out
“A working class hero is something to be”
My “class affiliation”, a term coined by Krushchev
has NEVER been in doubt
despite the protestations of teh likes of Steve
that I have had a middle class education.
Ken Dodd, a Liverpudlian
sang hits “Tears” and “Happiness”
and despite his self-deprecating clowning
has an analytical understanding of humour
that a pyschology Professor would envy.
When I read of Baha’u’llah’s suffering
in The Fire Tablet
at the hands of the Decree and Will of God
I wept buckets at the injustice against Him
and when I read The Tablet of Visitation
of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, I weep buckets
at the appearance in my life
of a pale reflection of The Master’s example
in the person of the beautiful woman
who SEEMS to have saved my life
from a bewilderness lasting 40 years
from the distraught grief of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination
and the death of a whole generation of hope
until 2008, when I APPEAR to be in a position
to possibly reveal
“satanic deeds done in the gloom of night
now laid bare and manifest before the peoples of the world”.
Since there is no empirical proof that any crime has been committed
due to “Plausible deniability”
“obfuscation”, “disengenuousness”, “economy with the truth”
and other forms of dishonesty,
nothing can be proved
but proof is not necessary
when autobiographical novels
spell out the facts with such clarity
and everyone knows the truth
without a single fact being exposed.
So, IF Shoghi Effendi did indeed say
though I can’t find it on Ocean,
that, “the class problem in England
is more pervasive
than the racial problem of America”
perhaps there are issues in England
even in the Baha’i Community
or even in the Baha’i Institutions
which some possessed of less social sophistication
find so abhorrent, so disgusting, so morally indefensible
that “conflict” doesn’t begin to spell it out;
the middle classes who have ruled Britain since the Middle Ages
through a faceless Civil Service
unelected, unaccountable and with the power
to make or break ANY working class hero
who threatens to liberate the masses
from an ingrained, imposed consumerist, materialistic psychological imprisonment
that Stalin, Mao and Hitler would have been proud of,
are perhaps ranging themselves
implacably AGAINST any would-be Harry Perkins
ex-steel worker from Sheffield
who, as a simple-minded fool
is determined to have his INTEGRITY
intact at ALL costs,
but The Truth will out,
Power WILL be given to the People
and moses WILL lead His people home
to the Promised Land of Baha’u’llah;
Omid reported the House as saying,
“Be political (not party or partisan),
expect to be criticised by the Baha’is
and IGNORE them!”
and although in favour of abiding by the dictates of those in Authority,
this “loyal and faithful servant”
is NOT above negotiating and consulting
with those in Authority
with such grim, dogged determination
to protect the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights’
standards for ordinary Englishmen and women
as well as the ethic minorities
that have been welcomed here
and also the rights of blacks
as if these two groups
The English and The Blacks
so beloved by Shoghi Effendi
are to be defended from the tyranny, hatred, and comtempt
of a world that disdainfully looks down
with disgust on such “inferior” beings
as sub-human, under-developed
and worthy of not being taught the Faith
of being “blessed” with the scourge of AIDS.
I BELIEVE in Shoghi Effendi
as did the likes of The Hands of the Cause
David Hofman, Hadi Rahmani, Bettys Reed and Goode,
and of course, the Hainsworths,
and as Mr Hofman said of Hitler,
“He didn’t KNOW England!”
Anyone who thinks THIS Englishman
is going to continue to roll over and beg for his biscuit,
has got another thing coming!
“The English are slow to take on a new idea
but when they’ve “got it”
NO force on Earth can stop them!”
My father, God rest his soul,
SEEMED concerned, that I was about to start a Revolution.
Its not going to be bloody
since ‘Abdu’l-Baha pointed out
that for the poor to get their just dessert by force
would only produce MORE evil;
this HAS to be by consultation
dialogue, and those Fiery weapons reigned down from The Air
of the Fire of Inspiration and the Air of Intellect;
and the powerful ones of The Earth
will NOT be able to withstand them
or rob me of my strength!

374) Published: Novel No 5: The Door of Hopi January 22, 2008

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374) Novel No 5: The Door of Hopi

Posted and typed: 09:18, Tuesday, 22nd January 2008.

Written: 15:00, Saturday, 19th January 2008.

Chapter 1

Jim Morrison and The Doors; a Portal.

Jim Morrison had a friend who was a journalist and who knew about magic. Jim learned something of “the Dark Arts””, of  “illicit” knowledge, forbidden to the “faithful”. His lyrics and music are suffused with a symbolism that Robert Langdon in “The Da Vinci Code” would be proud of. Jim knew something of the mystical knowledge of the Natives of North (and South) America, the “Red Indians” of old, and may have angered “muggles” like his father, the Admiral, for “going injun” like Kevin Costner in “Dances with Wolves” resulting in a Led Zeppelin “Communication Breakdown” as in “Cool Hand Luke” starring Paul Newman, “What we have here is a failure to communicate” as if being with spiritually blind people with whom it could be said with some justification, as Kevin Costner in “Dances with Wolves”; “”You’re not worth talking to”. The Native Americans of North, Central and South America KNEW of truths that

to be continued.

368) Published: Novel No 6: George Perkins’ War January 18, 2008

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368) Novel No 6: George Perkins’ War

Posted, typed and written: 22:01, Friday, 18th January 2008.

Chapter One

End Game beckons.

In a parallel Universe, the Great Reversal had taken place. In this universe Captain Jack Sparrow knew what he was doing in rocking the boat and causing Air and Water to trade places and in THIS universe universe that sio not necessary, but as George Perkins stared at himself in teh mirror one crisp and cold sunny October morning he remembered an episode of STC, “Mirror, Mirror” and wondered if there might be another world where China was not the champion of humn rights for all, and America was not the heart of “The Evil Empire”. George had secretly found out on the Net that ALL the conflicts of the world since 1940 had been staged as by Big Brother in 1984 as an indispensible tool of “mankind management” and that the appearance of 3 power blocks based in North America, Europe and Asia struggling against each other was simply a fiction. As commented by Julius Caesar (or was it Claudius?) invading Britain in the first century, “Divide and Rule” was the order of the day; create an out-group, demonise it to cause conflict, fear and hatred, and you can control the populace as if they were children! It was just a ruse to keep the priviledges in the hands of the few, to prevent, “Power to the People” Apparently ALL the sci-fi writers knew everything and the TV news told the public Nothing. Apparently since the allies had “defeated Fascism”, a pact between America and Russia had kept Europe in check and now, years later, every country in the world was under the sway of the New World Order, directed by the mythical Committee of 300, and only the “axis of evil” of China, North Korea and Iran stood in the way of absolute and total power. The dissident elements against the World System were to be found only here, as far as legally constituted governments were concerned. As Sarah Connor in “The Terminator” had said at the end of the film, when a petrol pump attendant had said, “There’s a storm coming!”, she’d tersely replied, “I know!” Thsi is the story of how George had managed to escape the clutches off teh Evil Empire to seek sanctuary in the People’s Republic of China with his beloved Michelle. It’s an impossible story based in a fictitious universe, and is plainly impossible, but it IS a ripping yarn. Ewe might enjoy it.

Posted, typed and written: 22:41, Friday, 18th January 2008.

Chapter 2. 

The Early Learning Centre

When he was 20, George joined a new Faith that few had heard of called the Savoi Faith. It had started in the previous century in 1864 in Afghanistan, had been suppressed as heresy, just as the Sun of God and his followers had been, in Egypt, 2000 years before, but had gradually spread until now its followers could be found all over the Earth. George had studied his new Faith assiduously but intellectually for 30 years until last year when he finally “got it” and started to experience life from a totally different and spiritual point of view; his life had changed out of all recognition since Easter the year before. He had felt “born again” just as described by the followers of “The Sun”. He had felt moved 2 months before this event to pledge himself to prepare to move away from Blighty to China as soon as was practicable. He felt that although China was quickly being assimilated into the homegeneous materilaistic world culture, Chinese culture had been so deep for so many thousands of years, that it would endure the current cultural wave, and become a bastion of spirituality against the crass materialism which was sapping and leaching the spiritual life out of mankind. The Chinese regime, though resisting populism and conventional western “democratic” ideals, nevertheless SEEMED intent on protecting the vast majority of its citizens from gross injustice, fear, crime, danger and lack of welfare. there was a possibility that China COULD become “the threat of a ggod example”, hense the coming storm of a conflict with “The Evil Empire”.

Posted, typed and written: 23:25, Wednesday, 23rd January 2008.

Chapter 3

Lampeter, mid-Wales to Sinkiang, Middle Kingdom.

George had studied at Lampeter University in mid-Wales, reading Comparative Theology with Modern History. After his BA, George stayed on to get a Masters and then a Doctorate, and then became a professional student, in his capacity as a University lecturer and the Professor, earning enough social credit to gain time, resources and funds to do research all over the world, with special emphasis on China. His life had been changed markedly at Easter, and he no longer experienced life and reality in the same conventional, safe and acceptable way, that his friends, mentors and associates had grown to expect from him over the past 30 years. He had stumbles upon the research of Ray Bennington in Birmingham, based at Aston Univeristy, on the TPV, and had found to his surprise that much of his new experiences seemed to fit in with Ray’s findings. He had visited Ray in August, found they were of teh same mind and heart, and parted as such close friends, they could have been mistaken as having been friends all their lives. Ray had listened with rapt attention, as George had told him of the Savoi, and Ray had decided there and then to seriously study this newly found Faith, and see if it too, could be found to concur with his ideas of the TVP. Later he found that it did! George then flew to Shanghai to get an overland train to Sinkiang Province, to do research into the Chinese philosophical “take” on reality, as informed by Islamic mysticism. His findings would turn out to be astounding even to the likes of Ray Bennington. In Sinkiang, was a secret that would revolutionise the fortunes of the world, spiritually, in a way that neither George or Ray could ever have possibly imagined in their wildest dreams. George gazed out of the train windows, as his train snaked its way westwards.  The Chinese scenery at times was breath-taking in its strange beauty, so different from anything he’d seen elsewhere. The greenery of eastern China slowly transformed into the dusty sandy Gobi desert, settlements became sparce, and teh stops more infrequent, until his destination arrived. He swung his ruccsac onto his back, disembarked, and hailed a taxi to his hotel, 15 minutes away on the other side of town. He booked in, with his broken Mandarin, thick with 30 years of the influence of the local Lampeter local Welsh accent. His room on the 2nd floor was simple, basic and very clean. The economic progress of China had been remarkable, not only in its magnitude but also its universality in its application to the ordinary people of China. He unpacked, ate dinner and settled down, with Dido on his laptop, to plan his next day’s travel in a local hire car. His final destination was just 45 minutes away, into the desert. He felt in his bones that this was NOT a Wild Goose Chase, though he had no idea of the stupendous significance of what he was to discover.

360) Published: Poem: Light and dark January 16, 2008

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Posted and downloaded from Facebook: 16:21, Wednesday, 16th January 2008

Written: 16:11, Wednesday, 16th January 2008.

If it wasn’t for the rain
we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine,
if it wasn’t for the pain
we wouldn’t enjoy the pleasure
if we were never sunk in grief
we’d never soar in ecstasy
if we were never deprived
we’d never be blessed
if we never felt alone
we’d never be together
if we never felt despair
we’d never have hope
if we never had any doubt
we’d never be certain
if we weren’t frightened of the dark
we’d never embrace the light
if it wasn’t for you
I’d never have come to life.