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466) Published: Poem: As Sure as Little Apples. June 22, 2008

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Written:- 14:30, Monday, 9th June 2008 CE
14:30, Kamal (Perfection), 5th (Nur (Light)) Nur (Light) 165 BE
Typed and Posted:- 07:05, Sunday, 22nd June 2008 CE
07:05, Jamal (Beauty), 18th (Mulk (Dominion)) Nur (Light) 165 BE
Iraj Poostchi
had that Baha’i spirit
and it is not his passing
that makes me sob
but it is that shining spark
of moral sentiment
which is the very foundation
of humanity itself,
of the spirituality of a united world
of the truth of the destiny of planet Earth
of the love between man and woman
without which there is no future,
a spirit which he exemplified
in his life of service and a keenness of vision.
I met him infrequently
but he KNEW me, and he ACCEPTED me
for what I am
and for that I loved him
as another Baha’i spiritual father
who fed my love hunger
for that acceptance and approval
that I have always craved
and missed
from my own father
Basil Cuthbert Stuart-Wynne,
that flawed genius
that intellectual power-house
who could plan a town centre
organise water drainage for a county
deliver concrete to any construction site
re-wire a house,
overhaul a car engine,
plumb central heating,
lead a trade delegation
to the eastern bloc
to flog diesel engines
for railway engines, dump trucks, fishing trawlers and the like
redevelop a Victorian office block into two houses
and make a packet
but who found it difficult to know his son
and impossible to love him
accept by pulling his leg, sending and winding him up
and thereby incurring his wrath
time and time again.
But Iraj,
in progressive ground-breaking agriculture
one of those industries
highlighted by Baha’u’llah
as the most important
as being a mother or a teacher
and planting a beautiful orchard
of fruit trees
that made 9th June 2008
one of the most beautiful days of my life,
he DID know me
and did show approval and affection
by telling me of the Faith,
of what Shoghi Effendi said
about the future of Britain
when the ordinary people of Britain
would be empowered, spiritual, alive with spirit, visionary, united, strong
and of service to the whole world
and that blissful era
eagerly anticipated
by every British Baha’i heart.
Iraj KNEW what my heart needed
even as Dad did not,
and for that I loved Iraj
and sobbed at his passing
for a father I never had.