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531) Published: Poem: The Very Idea! August 16, 2008

Posted by pete1844 in Poem.
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Written, 18:04, Saturday 16th August 2008 CE
Typed and posted, 18:53, Saturday 16th August 2008 CE
“The Very Idea!”
William Blake’s “Jerusalem”
Kate Bush’s “Lionheart”
Its all been said before
to describe the ineffable essence
of England.
England’s lionheart
implacably determined
with steely resolve
to defend at all costs
no matter the sacrifice
not England, this clod of earth
not its Bank, a stack of yellow metal,
not its trade, a market of glitter
but an idea
born of a millenium of struggle
now largely in the hands
of a Johnny-come-lately
The United States of America
of pure, unalloyed, unadulterated