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714) Published: Poem: Peace and death, flesh and blood January 28, 2009

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Written, 13:56, Wednesday, 28th January 2009 CE
Posted, 16:49, Wednesday, 28th January 2009 CE
714) “Peace and Death, Flesh and Blood”
I sit in peace
in 2009
in Kidlington’s Kaleidoscope Centre,
as others learn to cope
with domestic violence
and giving up smoking
and, idle and at rest
I sit listening
to New Age music in the background
as Amy and Rachel talk about everyday life
in the foreground.
I contemplate the temporary vulnerable nature
of flesh and blood life
of biological mammalian bipeds
and of the human horror
of the mass death of innocents,
to me, summed up
by the runaway train
in Tom Cruise’s “War of the Worlds”
a train, not full of fleeing human beings
in flight from alien invaders
but all dead
having been consumed by fire
to ashes,
the train no longer full
of innocent beautiful human beings
but fire
on a journey to no where
on a runaway train.
Is that an image of western civilization
heading towards the abyss
a little further ahead
of the imminent threatened collapse
of the international economic order?
Thank God
that beyond the death of millions of innocents
heaven awaits each and every soul
reunited with their loved ones
where death, toil, sin, time and space
are no more
for eternity
and all can rest in peace
and watch over and pray for
mankind’s survivors
as they build a brand new world
amidst the ruins.

711) Published: Poem: Are you a man? Yes, are you? January 11, 2009

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Written, 16:53, Saturday, 31st March 2007 CE
approaching Joy & Luis’ for dinner
Posted, 18:05, Sunday, 11th January 2009 CE
711) Are you a Man? Yes, are you?
Are you a  man?
By my own definition
of what it means to be a man
And according to my criteria
informed by enlightened minds
like Victor Rose
like Bobby Kennedy
like John Lennon
and the 3 Central Figures:
Yes, I am!
And what is it then
to be a man
to you?
To be a man
is to possess the capacity
to love, adore and worship
the woman of his dreams
To be a man
is to be more forceful
in body and mind
than woman
but to consider his strengths
to be intended by God
to be of service
as an economic assistant
a psychological tower of strength
to support, encourage and nurture
woman’s superior role
of bringing into the world
and educating the character
of the next generation
To be a man
is to resist
the traditional pressures
of 6000 years or more
of clinging to masculine pride and egotism
of fearing the the sup[erior emotional power and insight
of woman
of subjugating her needs to his
regarding her spiritual fulfillment
a less useful objective than his own
and above all
resisting the tendency
to deny woman
the full equality respect and power
which alone
can ensure a peaceful world
without the insanity
of man’s war
To be a man
is to learn from woman
those lessons and insights
which she alone can teach
and to encourage other men to do the same
to put up two two fingers
to the maschismo
of societies like the Latin culture
and the middle-east
which teach men
to feel pampered and spoilt
by women manipulating him
to believe that he’s actually in control
so causing men
to never grow up
and learn the truth
To be a man
is to use his sexuality
in such a way
that he sexual pleasure
not in satisfying his own needs
but in giving pleasure to her
without fear or inhibition
learning to open his frightened heart
completely to her
trusting in her kindness, compassion, tenderness, intuition, wisdom, and insight
regarding these feminine qualities
as far superior and significant
than his masculine talents
for concentrated obsessive focus
of forcefulness and toughness
and the ability
to be so totally detached and objective
as to emotionally uninvolved at times
in anything
In short
to be a man
is to be like Sargeant Nicholas Angel
but to also learn
to sometimes switch off
and take a break
from work, destiny and mission
and just relax
and have a laugh.