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1094) Published: Essay: Order versus Hipocracy December 29, 2009

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Typed and written 20:04, Tuesday, 29th December 2009 CE
1094) Order versus Hipocracy

China executes a British manic-depressive drug smuggler; horror! Or is it horror, that the West


1091) Published: Status Update: Coldplay December 20, 2009

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Typed and written 14:09, Sunday, 20th December 2009 CE
1091) Coldplay
After being recommended them by my friend, Francis, and then having an opportunity to borrow a CD of theirs from Michael, and after having listened to them a couple of times, I’ve decided I REALLY LIKE Coldplay, their album “Parachutes”.

1090) Published: Status Update: Going Down December 20, 2009

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Typed and written 12:37, Sunday, 20th December 2009 CE
1090) Going Down
I’ve now reached a new low of 13 stones, which is very good indeed.

1089) Published: Essay: Alleviating the Agony of Love-Hunger December 17, 2009

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Typed and written 22:19, Thursday, 17th December 2009 CE
1089) Alleviating the Agony of Love-Hunger

A person with this affliction craving love from another human being will ultimately be disappointed and remain with that gnawing emptiness in his heart and stomach. The only way to fill this internal black-hole is to find another source of solace:-

“11. O SON OF BEING! Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee. Get thou from it thy radiance and seek none other than Me. For I have created thee rich and have bountifully shed My favor upon thee.” (Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)

!13. O SON OF SPIRIT! I created thee rich, why dost thou bring thyself down to poverty? Noble I made thee, wherewith dost thou abase thyself? Out of the essence of knowledge I gave thee being, why seekest thou enlightenment from anyone beside Me? Out of the clay of love I molded thee, how dost thou busy thyself with another? Turn thy sight unto thyself, that thou mayest find Me standing within thee, mighty, powerful and self-subsisting.” (Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)

“Likewise, reflect upon the perfection of man’s creation, and that all these planes and states are folded up and hidden away within him. “Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form When within thee the universe is folded?”” [1] [1 Ali.] (Baha’u’llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 33)

As Whitney Houston sings, “the greatest of love of all is within”, though this is not “self”, but that link within our soul that has access to God, the Manifestation of God and The Holy Spirit.

“912. Thou has asked, very humbly, for certain things and all were worthy to be coveted. Especially the rescue from self-love. This is a strange trait and the means of the destruction of many important souls in the world. If man be imbued with all good qualities but be selfish, all the other virtues will fade or pass away and eventually he will grow worse.” (Compilations, Baha’i Scriptures, p. 477)

Once this link has been accessed, realised and made real, not illusory,

“Whensoever the light of Manifestation of the King of Oneness settleth upon the throne of the heart and soul, His shining becometh visible in every limb and member. At that time the mystery of the famed tradition gleameth out of the darkness: “A servant is drawn unto Me in prayer until I answer him; and when I have answered him, I become the ear wherewith he heareth….” For thus the Master of the house hath appeared within His home, and all the pillars of the dwelling are ashine with His light. And the action and effect of the light are from the Light-Giver; so it is that all move through Him and arise by His will. And this is that spring whereof the near ones drink, as it is said: “A fount whereof the near unto God shall drink….”” [1] [1 Qur’án 83:28.] (Baha’u’llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 22)

then we begin to see with His eyes, and once having begun to die to self, He lives in us:

“7. O SON OF MAN! If thou lovest Me, turn away from thyself; and if thou seekest My pleasure, regard not thine own; that thou mayest die in Me and I may eternally live in thee.” (Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)

1088) Published: Status Update: The Incredible Shrinking Man December 17, 2009

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Typed and written 17:54, Thursday, 17th December 2009 CE
1088) The Incredible Shrinking Man

As I no longer have an access, an uncensored access, on Facebook to post Status Updates, I came up with the idea this afternoon, of posting them here instead; here’s the first of my WordPress blog Status Updates:

My weight, from a temporary high of 16.5 stones after being on NHS psychotropics for a year, during May 2008 to April 2009, has now reached a new low of 13 stones 7 pounds, which is great!

1087) Published: Essay: Who is Nightingale? December 17, 2009

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Titled 00:18, Thursday, 17th December, 2009 CE
Written 20:05, Friday, 1st October, 2010 AD
1087) Who is Nightingale?

In “Spooks”, a BBC drama about MI5, a while back, a plot discovered by low-level operatives, seemed to indicate a high-level plot by a few, with unlimited power and ruthlessness, above and beyond mere government, global ion scope, intent on creating terrorist outrages in conformity with their own geo-political motives. This high-level, lethal elite was referred to as Nightingale, and Nightingale’s operatives, like one called Sarah, if memory serves, were scared witless of the possibility of getting on the wrong side of her Nightingale masters. In reality, Nightingale IS the World Intelligence Network which does the bidding of The Second Foundation, the Shadow Government, consisting of the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, those who meet at Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, Freemasonry, the Committee on Foreign Relations, the Institute of Foreign Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, and such like. The scriptwriters of “Spooks” know all this, I’m sure, and are hinting at a reality that would never be admitted to on the BBC, Sky, Fox, CNN, ITN etc. The caustic wit of Jonathan Stewart, Charlie Brooker might hint at it obliquely, but only “the usual suspects”, outlawed from mainstream media, speak out, and are ostracized. Alex Jones, G Edward Griffin, Ian R Crane, Naom Chomsky, David Icke, Michel Chossudovsky, Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Linus Pauling, Michael Moore, John Pilger… Read, mark and inwardly digest!

1086) Published: Essay: Red Herrings December 16, 2009

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Typed and written 19:41, Wednesday, 16th December 2009 CE
1086) Red Herrings

Is climate change and global warming the primary issue facing mankind? What is the nature of the basis of the crisis confronting the global community? Where did this crisis start? The basic problem is that “civilisation” as it is currently operating is economically unsustainable and is wrecking our environment, irrespective of whether global warming is driven by man’s activities or not. Even if global warming is driven by an increase of activity in The Sun, as attested by some evidence by rumours of a diminishing ice cap on Mars, and a melting of ice on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and is nothing to do with mankind, the economically unsustainability of western civilization is still undoubted. The “Horizon-2009-2010: 7) How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?” documentary presented by David Attenborough spells this out far more convincingly than “The Age of Stupid”. And what is lacking primarily in civilisation that it won’t be able to sustain itself? Unity! And what could have provided such unity? The Baha’i Faith. Its quite simple. If the Baha’i Faith had been accepted by mankind, and followed, and this refers to Baha’is as well as those who haven’t thrown in their lot with it, then the various conflicts and divisions of mankind would have been reconciled. In Israel/Palestine, Israelis and Palestinians as Baha’is would have found themselves united with each other. In Ulster, Cathlolics and Protestants would have found themselves united together, reconciled theologically and politically and at peace. Blacks and whites in the Deep South, oiks and toffs in England would have reconciled their differences, learned of and appreciated each others culture, values and talents, capitalist entrepreneurs and socialist workers would have recognised their interdependence on each other and learned to co-operate, the economic disparity in wealth between the industrialised northern bloc and the underdeveloped southern bloc would have been equalised, the aborigines of Australia would not have been neglected and left to languish in poverty, disease, despair, alcoholism and suicide, the native Americans of the US and Canada would have been afforded sovereignty over themselves, economically and politically, and enabled to take their part in the life of the world community as a community with equal billing with the rich and powerful WASPs, Muslim  and Christian theologians would have been reconciled, found themselves in harmony and unity, healing 1400 years of ignorance, prejudice and misunderstanding. The ecumenical unity of the Christian church would have been re-established, within the wider unity of all the world’s faiths regarding themselves as part of one coherent, harmonised religious process, thus creating out of the separate faith communities of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Taoists, Confucians, Druzes, etc etc, one world-wide religion which accepts all the above faiths as part of one faith, as made possible through the Teachings and Spirit, Covenant and Unity of The Baha’i International Community. And the deepest and most intransigent disunity of all, the battle of the sexes, would have found a degree of reconciliation, unity and healing, that would have strengthened immeasurably the sanctity of the sacred institution of marriage, instead of the wholesale divorce, estrangement and lack of communication characterizing the relationship between the sexes currently worsening every day. But alas, the Baha’i Faith, though open to public view, available to all, is not seen for what it is, and, is seen by a vast proportion of the populace, as just yet another spiritual movement from the east, no more significant than that of a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, or a Sri Bhagwan Rajneesh. Why? Partly because ordinary Baha’is like me do not as yet have an inner character that exemplify the virtues of humanity, that such a spiritual Revelation calls for. Those that do, able to teach people about Baha’u’llah, effectively, make a difference, and are helping to build a new global civilization, destined to flower in the future, but the number of such servants of God doing this harvesting in His Vineyard are as yet woefully few. Witness the comparative weakness of the Christian church in AD 165, in comparison to the disdain, ignorance and contempt of it shown by The Roman world. We know what happened to Christianity, despite the lack of imagination of most Romans in AD 165, but who knows what will happen to the Baha’i Faith by 3853 AD? When the Baha’i Faith is 2009 years old, not just 165 as at present, it will be well past 2852 AD which is the earliest that the next Manifestation of God after Baha’ullah will appear. In 3853 AD, with the benefit of hindsight, all mankind will know exactly what position the Baha’i Faith will have played in the epic history of mankind. Just as in 2009 AD, all mankind has a basic understanding of the history and significance of the Christian church, but in 165 AD, had no idea, so in 165 BE, 2009 AD, mankind has no idea what the future of the Baha’i Faith will be. The Baha’is however have an inkling of the future, just as the Christians of 165 AD had a faith in a future of Christianity that the Romans were blind to.

“God’s purpose is none other than to usher in, in ways He alone can bring about, and the full significance of which He alone can fathom, the Great, the Golden Age of a long-divided, a long-afflicted humanity. Its present state, indeed even its immediate future, is dark, distressingly dark. Its distant future, however, is radiant, gloriously radiant — so radiant that no eye can visualize it.” (Shoghi Effendi, The Promised Day is Come, p. 116)

1085) Published: Poem: Intuition versus Reason, Heart versus Head December 15, 2009

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Typed and written 09:43, Tuesday, 15th December 2009 CE
1085) Intuition versus Reason, Heart versus Head
If someone says “Leave me alone”
reason reasons that to do so
is to do as they wish,
and if intuition says they want to ring you
or are aching for me to ring them
as a clinical psychologist said
intuition can be very dangerous
so must be ignored
even if the heart says follow your intuition
and even the head says the heart is right,
since in a world ruled by empirical reason
action and behaviour must be ruled by that
and when confronted by heartfelt intuition
reason must always prevail
unless the danger inherent in ignoring reason
is an acceptable risk
and in this case, it isn’t.

1084) Published: Essay: Ladies and Gentlemen December 15, 2009

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Typed and written 08:51, Tuesday, 15th December 2009 CE
1084) Ladies and Gentlemen

The epitome of a lady and gentleman in the well-to-do, educated, respectable, middle classes of the nineteenth century Home Counties of England is a myth, and no basis in reality, except as a construct of the leaders of thought in their efforts at moral and social engineering. The image of a masculine hero and a feminine heroine in a Mills and Boon romantic fantasy is just that, a fantasy. The reality is far more prosaic, and infinitely less likely to result in a “happy ending”. The myth promotes sexual stereotypes that portray men as more forceful, stronger and passionate than they really are, and women as more vulnerable, weaker, romantic and less interested in practicality than they really are. The reality, underlying the stereotypes, is that men and women, in the range of their personality and character traits, despite thousands of years of hype, are remarkably similar. There are forceful men and forceful women, vulnerable men and vulnerable women, all hiding, to varying degrees, behind masks that they create to try to live up to an ideal of sexual attraction, created by society. We wear masks to attract a mate, and seek masks that society tells us to feel attracted to, whereas the reality behind those masks is that we are all pretty ordinary. According to “Families and how to survive them” by John Cleese and Robin Skynner, experiments have shown that people of the opposite sex are attracted to each other, primarily by subconsciously identifying in the other psychological character traits that we ourselves possess. As in:

“10. O SON OF DESIRE! Give ear unto this: Never shall mortal eye recognize the everlasting Beauty, nor the lifeless heart delight in aught but in the withered bloom. For like seeketh like, and taketh pleasure in the company of its kind.” (Baha’u’llah, The Persian Hidden Words)

So a man and women who have similar psychological issues featuring in their subconsciousness will find themselves drawn to each other, despite and irrespective of any superficial disparity and mismatch in their appearance or circumstances. The tragedy of life is sometimes that despite such underlying compatibility, superficial considerations can easily keep people apart, such as difference in class, education, social status, economic privilege etc. As Vladmir Nabokov and Tamara were not allowed by their families to get together, even before The Bolshevik Revolution parted them permanently, due to their disparity of class, he being from an aristocratic family, she being far too down-market for him, so many couples, naturally drawn together, find themselves separated by the mundane and material. Such is life, as in Romeo and Juliet, though not always so dramatic. And as Forrest Gump was wont to say, “And that’s all I’ve got to say about that!”

1083) Published: Essay: Number Nine December 15, 2009

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Typed and written 00:26, Tuesday, 15th December 2009 CE
1083) Number Nine

“Defying Gravity”, the latest sci-fi drama series for TV from the US is about a “Grand Tour” around the Solar System to pick up “fractal objects” that have beamed radio transmissions like whale song from the following locations:- Alpha object on Mars, Beta object from the Nazca plains of Peru, Earth, Gamma object on Venus, Delta object on Mercury, Epsilon object on Europa, Jupiter, Zeta object at the rings of Saturn, Eta object on Pluto, comprising 7 objects. But what of Uranus and Neptune? Where are the Theta and Iota fractal objects? Is that part hidden from us at the moment, because for hundreds of years, the “magic number” was 7, not 9? And why Seven anyway? 7 days of the week; 7 heavenly bodies in ancient cosmology, Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury; “lucky” 7, 7th heaven, 7 deady sins, etc etc. But why 9? According to the numerological analysis of the Hebrew numerical values of words in the Bible, mentioned and explained in the books of author Adrian Michell, such as “City of Revelation” everything there is based on the number 9. And what is the 2 that is added to 7 to make Nine, apart from Uranus and Neptune, the Two Twin moderately sized gas giants of comparable size and colour. 9 in the abjad numerological system of assigning numbers to Arabic not Hebrew letters, is the value of the Arabic word, Baha, meaning Glory, Splendour and Light. It comprises a 2 for B, a 6 for H and a 1 for the second A, the first not being written in Arabic, being a short vowel, not a long one. According to Baha’i understanding, Baha is the greatest name of God, mentioned in Islam but not identified and known until the advent of The Baha’i Faith. Perhaps the writers of “Defying Gravity” either know of this, or are somehow writing in a mysterious symbolic feature into their drama, without knowing why. 9 is a more modern fashionable number with Revolution  Number 9 by The Beatles, Number 9 Dream by John Lennon, before Pluto was declassified as a planet, 9 planets in the Solar System, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Although analogies break down after a while, when gone into in two much detail, and although such “ideas of reference” are regarded with contempt and derision by “rational scientists”, such associations and ideas are a staple food for artists in literature, music, drama etc. Also, it could be asserted that there are 7 major religions in Earth, based on Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster and that of China? And add the Twin Manifestations of The Baha’i Revelation in the persons of the Bab and Baha’u’llah and you get 9, though I do admit that this argument is at least a bit contrived. But the mystery remains in “Defying Gravity” as to why Uranus and Neptune are still missing after episode 9 in being targets for collecting “fractal objects”.