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1172) Published: Poem: Annoyed by Singing? February 22, 2010

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Written 17:28, Sunday, 21st February 2010 CE
Typed and posted 16:47, Monday, 22nd February 2010 CE
1172) Annoyed by Singing?
Two sources of annoyance
triggering engramatic emotions
of the childhood emotional abuse
of my father indulgently expressing his feelings
in such a way as to crush and suppress
any possible empowerment or initiative
and confidence or possibility
of me expressing any emotion myself;
so when B forbade my emotions
in deciding to prioritize financially
to empower spiritual knowledge and learning
at the expense of Maslow’s priorities
of food, vitamins and shelter
Little Pete reacted with rage
and fought back
arguing his case with intransigent passion
to defend his right
to make decisions based on emotion and inspiration
only conditioned by rational logic
as a secondary afterthought
and in so doing allowing his intellect
to be in utter servitude
to his heart, so that life and intellect
will be of avail and help
and not useless;
this morning S pressed another button
this time questioning my claim to be cured of medical illness
if I react emotionally to a situation;
I let that go
but afterwards he seemed to press home his advantage
and whilst dipslaying his West Oxon books
on tables at the beginning of the second day
of this Thames Valley Cluster Winter School,
for all of that 15 minutes or so
whilst I acrried out this task
he sung loudly, his 1950s folk songs
and I fumed with rage again
gradually getting hotter and hotter
under my collar;
why does he have rub my nose in the humiliation
of seeing him and hearing him
indulge in expressing freely his emotions
in a way that swamps my presence in the room
thereby preventing me from any social expression of my own?
I felt my feelings were disenfranchised
by his hogging the limelight
as my father insisted on doing
on every social occasion
for decades on end
refusing to allow anyone else present
to have any social existence
while he was holding court;
why the injustice, the inequality, the greed, the tyranny
to insist on ALL the emotional, social expression for himself
and insist NONE for anyone else?
Why the gross disparity and inequality
of social power and wealth
of empowerment of self?
Why the insistence of full emotional life for one
and none for another?
Its a kind of psychological tyranny
a sort of emotional violence
beating up, mugging, injuring
with grievous psychological harm
and no come-back, no acknowledgment of the crime
to recognition for a need for justice or truth,
no possibility of reconciliation, compromise, or accommodation,
no civil rights at all,
where there is no admissible empirical evidence
of that invisible emotional abuse
where everything is hidden and invisible
and the pain cannot be expressed
only held deep and kept hidden
because all the bruises are hidden on the inside
there is no evidence of a crime
no argument to prove the point
because MY feelings do not exist
and MY perception is not real
but a mere fantasy
an undeniable symptom of mental illness
which has been instilled and implanted
not due to a malfunction in my brain
not due to a misperception in my mind
not due to a sickness in my soul
but initiated
by someone else’s actions, attitude and behavior,
as R D Laing famously explained,
“Mental illness is rational response
to an insane world”
and then, what next?
I go to the next session
and as is my wont
sit at the front like a teacher’s pet
to hear more clearly the words of knowledge
issuing forth from the person giving the talk;
HE sat behind me
and it happened again,
my concentration
to write down my insights
before the talk began
drowned out
my his loud voice imposing itself
on his social environment
as he chatted to Clare,
and I pondered the situation
for a few minutes
tasting the palpable rage in my heart
before rationally considering my options
to deal with this unsatisfactory situation
and the consequences;
I scanned the empty seats
to assess the alternatives
to see if a changed seat was available
to escape the crushing dominion
of a loud voice
imposing itself on my brain,
to find peace and quiet
and the freedom to think and write
from the hogging of limelight
that threatened my independence and freedom to think and write;
I waited until I was sure what to do
and of the logic of my assessment
and moved to the other side of the room
3 rows back, next to R
and my equanimity and peace was quickly restored.
If someone is unbearable in their perceived social obnoxiousness
and I cannot live with that
without compromising my own peace of mind
I must get the hell out of that situation
to a safer place
where I can find peace and function in peace,
and not let the strong ones of the earth
rob me of my strength;
as Mr Hofman advised,
“Its your duty to survive”
and put right
the lack of education
which produced the situation
where, as H pointed out,
“No one taught you how to defend yourself”
But that was history,
and in the words of Marty McFly
“History is going to change!”

1171) Published: Poem: Mr Faizi’s Calligraphy February 22, 2010

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Written 15:27, Sunday, 21st February 2010 CE
Typed and posted 16:26, Monday, 22nd February 2010 CE
1171) Mr Faizi’s Calligraphy
December 1977,
during my first (youth) pilgrimage
Hand of the Cause of God, Mr Abu’l Qasim Faizi
at the Western Pilgrim House,
enamoured as he was with children and youth
gave each of us some hand-written calligraphy
in Persian or Arabic
illuminated by hand
my passage taken from one of the Persian mystic poets.
Years later in 2007 in Abingdon
whilst co-tutoring a Book 4
Soroosh was tutoring a Book 7
in another part of St Ethelwold’s.
In a lunchbreak
he translated it to English
and for me unlocked a powerful key
to help unlock my own English/European heart
to become open to the Power of the Holy Spirit;
The message of it was this:
“The eight-chord melody
of the Divine Musician
is powerful and can unlock the hearts
of the peoples of the world”
At Scarborough Festival a few years ago
I heard Islington play on stage
a musical, atmospheric and evocative accompaniment
to 95 Allah’u’Abhas
and buying there a CD
called “Artists for Edinburgh”
to help pay for a new local Centre there
I was able to listen to Islington afterwards ad nauseam
and learn their tune
a round of 8 lines of music;
this tune was later reiterated by Gwenyame
at the Warwick Festival
and also at a Wellington College Arts Academy,
by which time
I was regularly chanting 95 Allah’u’Abhas
to this same tune, almost every day;
and noticed that this eight-chord melody
was the most powerful key
that was unlocking my heart
and daily setting it ablaze
with a secret love that passes all understanding
and beginning to find in myself
a power not from me
that seems to being having an effect on others
that I have never imagined before;
I can see this power occasionally in others,
just the hint of a smile
and a slight glint in the eye
that bespeaks a perception of an unexpressed secret
that has liberated that person’s soul
to a freedom and joy
and a spirit
that doesn’t belong
to mere secular, scientific, rational, intellectual, empirical, atheistic, Western civilization;
“Power to the People” and set them free!

1170) Published: Poem: The Power of Poetry February 22, 2010

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Written 10:48, Sunday, 21st February 2010 CE
Typed and posted 15:32, Monday, 22nd February 2010 CE
1170) The Power of Poetry
Mona Mahnudzhizad aged 17
was killed in 1983 in Shiraz
for  being a  Baha’i;
an assistant to the Revolutionary Guards
was asked why
a 17 year old peaceloving innocent Sunday school teacher
was a deemed a threat
to the so-called Islamic theocracy of Iran
“Have you read her poetry?”
came the rhetoric reply.
THIS is the threat
to the powerful ones of the earth,
THAT spirit of truth, love and knowledge
that altruistic idealism
that liberates the souls of men from their chains
that integrity, honesty and truthfulness
that cannot be bought out or sold down the river
that spiritual emancipation over which
mere physical murder has no power
a freedom that can empower a whole planet
to embrace peace, love and unity
and throw away the useless insanity
of fear, guilt, hate and conflict,
and discarding the shackles and chains
of slavery, bondage and tyranny,
and empowering the multitudes in their millions
to be subservient to none except the Ever-Loving Creator.
The true freedom obtained
by submission to Almighty God
and acceptance of His infinite love
is the most dangerous secret
a knowledge that some seek to suppress
at all costs, no holds barred.
“And if a wayfarer were to discover this secret
he would assuredly hide it
and were he to reveal but its faintest trace
they would nail him to the cross.”
Maybe I’m too full of myself,
but is it possible
that if the truth is crushed in Shiraz in 1983
it might spring up as good as new
27 years later
just outside Oxford?
nah! It’ll spring up
everywhere, immediately
though making its presence felt
slowly, incrementally, inexorably
though England is a land of promise in that,
“The English are slow to take on a new idea
but when they do
no force on Earth
can stop them!”

1169) Published: Poem: Shock and Awe February 22, 2010

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Written 10:28, Sunday, 21st February 2010 CE
Typed and posted 14:38, Monday, 22nd February 2010 CE
1169) Shock and Awe
When the engram strikes
I flashback to being five years old
a child traumatized, shell-shocked and paralyzed
a child in a state of shock
who, when the threat has gone for now
seeks that Divine Awe
in whatever source available
as a respite, refuge and asylum
to glean security and solace
and that Divine Peace
that passeth all understanding
and when seen in a 5 year old boy
threatened by the power and control
sought by the powerful ones of the earth
who would seek to stifle and and crush
the freedom of spirit in a 5 year old boy
and WHY would the powerful ones of the earth
feel threatened by a 5 year old boy?
Why were the mullahs threatened
by the truth of the Word of Baha
that they would kill 20,000 and 200
in the name of God?
Why did the Ummayyads kill Ali,
the son-in-law of the Prophet of God?
Why did the mullahs and princes in Tabriz
execute the Promised One of Islam
that they’d be awaiting for a thousand years?
Why would the rabbis under Rome
crucify Jesus
for expressing and making known
the secret of life?
“And were the wayfarer to discover this secet
he would assuredly hide it
and were he to reveal but its faintest trace
they would nail him to the cross”
Why would the military-industrial complex
assassinate the modern martyrs
of JFK, RFK, Lennon, Martin Juther King
Yitzhak Rabin and Anwar Sadat
Mathatma Gandhi, Diana Spencer
and all the others?
Why would they enprison Nelson Mandela
and Baha’u’llah for decades?
What is so threatening
to the ignorant, the cruel and the selfish
about truth, freedom, knowledge and love?

1168) Published: Poem: Transforming Engrams into Inspiration February 22, 2010

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Written 10:07, Sunday, 21st February 2010 CE
Typed and posted 14:30, Monday, 22nd February 2010 CE
1168) Transforming Engrams into Inspiration
The adrenaline of a fight and flight response
as an engramatic reaction
is instructive, powerful, irresistible, inexorable
and fuels me as if with supercharged aviation or rocket fuel
giving me the intense energy and drive
of a Jason Bourne or a Nicholas Angel
focused, obsessive, driven to the utmost of human endeavor
and, when assailed by these recurrent engrams
I set about processing them
to explore, analyze and understand them
and when the requisite lessons have been learned
and the appropriate learning acquired
I then seek respite from its effects and aftermath
to move on
sheltering in His grace and love
His tender loving-kindness
and find yet again
that the engram
has lost its sting
for now.

1165) Published: Poem: Jason Bourne, Ellen Ripley? February 22, 2010

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Written 20:06, Saturday, 20th February 2010 CE
Typed and posted 02:12, Monday, 22nd February 2010 CE
1165) Jason Bourne, Ellen Ripley?
Why these role models
with their peculiar characteristics?
Why such extreme masculine virility?
Why such heroic courage
against such impossible odds?
Is this the inevitable lot
of a human being
who happens to be male?
To take on the whole world
virtually alone
risking annhiliation
and win?
Why should this interest me?
Because I took on Missions Impossible and won?
Getting to the top of the class?
Finding the purpose of human history?
Overcoming the oppression of the NHS?
Is there any alternative
to extreme masculinity
in being a man?
What are the role models
for being a human being
irrespective of sex?
Ellen Ripley in “Aliens”?
Lilloo, the Supreme Being, in “The Fifth Element”?
Dorothy Baker in “From Copper to Gold”?
Bahiyyih Khanum in “Prophet’s Daughter”?
Lua Getsinger in “The Flame”?
“Tahirih” by Martha Root?
Heroism is universal
irrespective of gender
though its qualities vary slightly
between the sexes;
the extreme masculinity
of an action thriller super-hero
a John McLaine
a Corbyn Dallas
a Nicholas Angel
or a Jason Bourne
is in part a fantasy
far from the reality
of what it is
to be an emotional, weak, vulnerable, dependent creature
merely pretending behind a mask
to be coldly logical
strong, invulnerable and independent;
It IS a mere fantasy
to be a man so strong
he can survive on his wits, courage and strength
denying his powerlessness and helplessness
without God’s support,
and as a human being
a man is not so independent
that he cannot be driven insane
by his powerlessness
in the light of his need, his dependence
his utter weakness, his craving
for the love of the woman
who has captured
his heart.

1164) Published: Poem: Thinking February 22, 2010

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Written 19:59, Saturday, 20th February 2010 CE
Typed and posted 02:04, Monday, 22nd February 2010 CE
1164) Thinking
Just thinking
probably too much
for this lean, hungry and dangerous man
and wondering in all this thinking
as intense and focused
almost obsessive
as a Running Man, Jason Bourne
is there any room
for anything else?
Is there any room for Fun?
for emotion?
for pleasure?
for the riches of life?
for happiness?
for love?
for anything
except the incessant, inexorable, quest and compulsion
to think, to learn, to ponder, to question
without ceasing?

1173) Published: Letter: The Games People Play by E D Berne February 21, 2010

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Typed and written 19:50, Sunday, 21st February 2010 CE
1173) The Games People Play by E D Berne

Dear S,

This is interesting:-

Gandhi said,
“First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.”

As Dr Muhajir, Hand of the Cause, once said, “Confrontation is a sign of weakness”. And as Joseph Shepherd once advised, “If someone asks you a question, and you don’t want to answer, just stay silent”. Such a response would drive my father livid with rage. The ways to wage spiritual warfare, or psy ops, against people are legion. One way, employed in Job Centres, against colleagues, is to ask someone how they are! As David Tennant said to an aide of UK PM Harriet Jones, when he wanted to get back at her, for summary execution of aliens, who had already agreed to withdraw, “Doesn’t she look tired!” She was then soon deposed, by her enemies. One trick is to identify the identity of enemies who otherwise, like Iago to Othello, cloak themselves and their true intentions, in the guise of sincere, honest friendship, like a sniper who takes lethal pot-shots at an enemy, without ever giving away either his identity, his location or his intentions. As Bobby Kennedy said, “Forgive your enemies, but remember their names” and “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”, which is what ‘Abdu’l-Baha did to those Baha’is whom he knew were suspect, and could not be trusted. I could go on about my father’s psychological games that he played on me, but it makes my blood boil. E D Berne’s book, which I dipped into, in the 6th form, explains such behavior, “The Games People Play”, all for a psychological pay-off, which makes the perpetrator FEEL in power, in control, superior, by dis-empowering someone else. Its an illusion, which seems to make bullies feel better, but its a drug that fuels a habit, that needs an increasing supply, making others’ lives an increasing misery, with a diminishing illusory return. Bullies, and other sufferers of narcissistic personality disorder, are hiding under an illusion of superiority, by dis-empowering others, a truth that they cannot bear to face, for fear of the potential pain, the truth that in reality, they do NOT have much self-esteem or self-respect, and pass the buck for their hidden truth onto hapless others, who function socially as emotional buckets to carry the psychological excrement of the bullies’ unresolved emotional issues, unresolved, due to the bully’s fear of truthful honest self-examination. They are in effect cowards, and don’t know it. The socially and politically strong ones of the earth, in robbing the innocent and trusting of their strength, have a lot to answer for. Never mind, in time, the satanic deeds done in the gloom of night shall be laid bare and manifest before the people of the world.The truth will out.


1161) Published: Non-Me Source: Lazos Learning Lesson 4, February 20, 2010

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Typed and written 02:51, Saturday, 20th February 2010 CE
1161) Lazos Learning Lesson 4

04 Words and Concepts (due Wednesday)

In order to act effectively during the present period of humanity’s transition from childhood to maturity individuals must, above all, be imbued with a strong sense of purpose that impels them both to transform their own selves and to contribute to the transformation of society. On a personal level, this purpose is directed towards the development of one’s vast potentialities, comprising both those virtues and qualities that should adorn every human being and those talents and characteristics that are the individual’s unique endowment. On a social level, it is expressed through dedication to the promotion of the welfare of the human race. These aspects of the twofold purpose are fundamentally inseparable, for the standards and behavior of individuals shape their environment and, in turn, are molded by social structures and processes. Unless the transformation of both individual character and environment are addressed simultaneously, the full potential of humanity’s age of maturity cannot be realized.

A profound awareness of the reciprocal relationship between personal growth and organic change in the structures of society is, then, essential to social action. One cannot develop virtues and talents in isolation, but only through effort and activity for the benefit of others. Idle worship and prolonged withdrawal from society, advocated by some philosophies of the past, can neither promote individual development nor aid humanity’s progress. To focus one’s sense of purpose only on the development of one’s own potential is to lose objectivity and perspective. With no outside interactions and social goals, one has no standard by which to judge personal progress and no concrete results by which to measure one’s development. A person forgetful of the social dimension of moral purpose is prone to subtle forms of ego—combinations of guilt, self-righteousness, and self-satisfaction.

Conversely, a sense of purpose driven only by the desire to transform society, with no attention to the need for personal growth and transformation, is easily distorted. The person who blames society for every wrong and ignores the importance of individual responsibility loses respect and compassion for others and is prone to acts of cruelty and oppression. Social transformation, if divorced from the desire to transform one’s own character, is an extremely fragile enterprise.

Social Action, then, must transcend the limitations of unfettered individualism and of suffocating collectivism and direct energies towards a balanced approach to personal and collective transformation—complementary dimensions of a single process.

1. To be imbued with something is to be completely filled with it, to be saturated with it. Mention several qualities with which you should be imbued.

Honesty, Integrity, Justice, Courtesy, Compassion, Knowledge, Curiosity, Contemplation, Alertness, Loyalty.

2. The qualities and convictions you possess impel you to do certain things. Can you give examples of things you are impelled to do by the following?
a. Your sense of justice:

To be fair to others and to myself; to be aware of and spread awareness of injustice, to confront and oppose injustice, to be brutally honest with myself to learn the truth.

b. Your sense of modesty:
To regard any achievements to be due to His grace and bounty, to be humble before Him, not to seek approval from others.
c. Your love for humanity:
To have compassion for others in their suffering of injustice, to share with others my knowledge and understanding, to empower myself in order to serve others.

3. The word transformation has appeared in several readings. It is a useful word, and you will want to be careful not to diminish its value by calling every little change that takes place “a transformation”. In order to gain a better understanding of what transformation actually entails, give a few examples from the physical world of something transforming into something else. For each example you cite, explain some of the fundamental changes taking place that justify the use of the word transformation to describe it.

A seed disintegrates and dies in order to be transformed into a plant; a mortal human soul, in attaining immortality, and acquiring the spirit of faith, has to die in Him, die to self, in order that He may live eternally in him; a baby undergoes many transformations from the combined two cells at conception (the zygote?) into a foetus, and in doing so, is transformed several times in form from looking fish-like, to reptile-like, to mammalian-like and finally assuming a more human-form. Then comes the transformation in the being’s environment from the womb-world to the outer world, at birth. Some transformations occur quickly at in catastrophe theory, at “trigger points” whilst other transformations are gradual. One such quick transformation is that of physical death, in which the being’s environment is no longer that of the space-time continuum, but a spiritual dimension in which both space and time, measured in matter and energy no longer exist. The transformation of the being in that he or she is no longer experiencing reality through the instrumentality of the body and its physical sense organs, and then relies totally of the spiritual perceptions of soul, without recourse to any functions of biology, is also a huge transformation in the experience of any soul. At the moment of the birth of the spirit of faith, similar transformations take place, though the delineation is not so stark, and “2 steps forwards, 1 step backwards” is relevant, in that after the spirit of faith is born, many aspects of a being’s consciousness will hark back to things before that birth, and this transformation is less stark and more gradual than many Christians who talk of “being born again” will lead us to believe. Having said that, many quotations about physical death in the Baha’i Writings, when applied to the death of self, and the eternal living in us of Him, casts the physical life, after the birth of the spirit of faith in an extraordinarily exciting and positive light. Death of self here on earth IS TRULY a messenger of joy, and that extinction of self in Him is something NOT to be dreaded.

4. Describe some of the changes you envision would take place in
a. The transformation of the character of a passive and defeated person into a determined participant in social action:
This remains to be seen. 14:07, 18/9/10:- This reminds me of the comparison in “Transactional Analysis”and transformation from “the adapted child” to “the natural child”. In this change, a person brain-washed and culturally conditioned and systematically dumbed-down in their education, to consider themselves as duty bound to do as they’re told, believe what they’re told, and to consider any disobedience to those in authority as not only dangerous to their interests but also morally evil, is liberated from these shackles, emancipated from this psychological straight-jacket, freed from intimidation by society’s bullies, tyrants, the powerful ones of the earth, and fully empowered as an individual dependent on NONE but God, to fully operate in His Creation as an independent individual, as a hero or heroine to solve any problem, fulfill any mission impossible, save the world single-handed and defeat the combined opposing forces of all mankind. Impossible? Not with God’s grace and blessings! THAT is why “religion” is such a threat to the powerful ones of the earth and why “they” are trying to weaken and disempower “religion” at every opportunity. They WILL fail!
b. The transformation of the society in which you live:
14:26, 18/9/10:- Such a transformation in society is to me one in which “British Justice is the best that money can buy” becomes “Government of the people, for the people by the people” and in which “Money talks” becomes “Power to the People”. In such a society, morality rules the decisions of how people behave, rule, govern and think, NOT how much money they need to feed their kids. In order to fuel, perpetuate and empower such a moral revival, ONLY religion has the power to change and reform human nature. Without religion every man has his price, can be bought out and will be defeated morally by the rich and powerful ones of the earth. ONLY religion can liberate, free, emancipate and empower the masses to be fearless, courageous, invincible, undefeatable, impregnable, incorruptible, in the face of their enemies. And as far as the world’s faiths are concerned, only one of them is immune to corruption by the powerful ones of the earth, and THAT is the Baha’i Faith. Of course, the forces of darkness will do their damnedest to subvert, infiltrate, malign, destroy, misrepresent, distort, dumb-down or otherwise disempower the Baha’i Faith and is Community. They will fail. As Muhammad says in the Qur’an, “The infidels plotted and God plotted and verily God is the best of plotters. The people WILL prevail.
5. What do you understand the word vast to mean in the phrase “one’s vast potentialities”? Mention some of these potentialities.
14:42, 18/9/10:- “Think thyself only a puny form when within thee the universe is enfolded” “Turn thy sight unto thyself and thou wilt find Me, standing within thee, Mighty, Powerful and Self-Subsisting” “The English are slow to start a new idea, but once they get their teeth into it, no force on Earth can stop them” “One man can make a difference” “O ye spiritual friends! Such must be your constancy that should the evil-wishers put every believer to death and only one remain, that one, singly and alone, will withstand all the peoples of the earth, and will go on scattering far and wide the sweet and holy fragrances of God. Wherefore, should any fearsome news, any word of terrifying events, reach you from the Holy Land, see to it that ye waver not, be ye not stricken by grief, be ye not shaken. Rather, rise ye up instantly, with iron resolve, and serve ye the Kingdom of God.” (‘Abdu’l-Baha, “Selections from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha”, pages 78 to 79).
6. Without overstepping the bounds of modesty, think of some of your own special talents. How do you plan to use this unique endowment?
14:45, 18/9/10:- By the grace of Baha’u’llah, in my life, necessity has been the mother of invention, and the tests and trials that He has put me through have caused me to react in a certain way, that has endowed me with certain character traits, some positive, some debatable as to whether they are good, some perhaps bad, that have stood me in good stead to do certain things, which otherwise would have been impossible. Missions Impossible have been listed elsewhere on this blog, but include getting to the top of the class, finding out where western civilization is heading, solving the conundrum of the appalling psychiatric symptoms of bad-brain-functioning and making a UDI from the tyranny of the NHS, starting or at the very least supporting a world-wide velvet revolution against the pharmaceutical industry, initiating or helping to initiate a spiritual transformation world-wide, and last but not least convincing the woman of my dreams that I’m not a vampire! The last one might be too difficult since it would involve her changing her mind and admitting she was wrong, and even Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible couldn’t crack that one!
7. Which of the following statements are in accord with the sentence “These aspects of the twofold purpose are fundamentally inseparable”?
Choose one answer.
A. Individuals cannot change unless society changes first. Wrong.
B. Society cannot change unless all the individuals comprising it change. Wrong.
C. The only way to change society is to change the individuals who comprise it. Wrong.
D. For fundamental change to occur, individual transformation and social transformation have to move forward simultaneously. Correct.
8. Give examples from the physical world of things molded by their environment.
15:30, 18/9/10:- The 300 odd Munros just over 3000 feet each, of Scotland have been molded by the Last Ice Age up to about 12,000 years ago, when 2 asteroids a thousand years apart caused a catastrophic global warming event which destroyed the Ice Age, just as hominids as incipient homo sapiens where on the verge of hearing the starting gun of civilization. The Stone Age, domestication of animals, the agricultural revolution, the Bronze Age, The Iron Age, and then the beginning of history with Sumeria in the Levant, the Fertile Crescent, and the rest id history. All made possible by two asteroid hits melting the Ice Age. “The Mars Mystery” by Graham Hancock refers.
9. Give examples that show how the character of the individual is molded by his or her social environment.
15:37, 18/9/10:- In my social environment, my growth and development without the help and hindrance of my friends, relatives and acquaintances would have been impossible. I am what I am precisely because I crossed the paths of the people I interacted with. The most powerful were the 6 of the best, those extraordinarily glamourous women who stimulated my passions and turned my life upside down and spurred me to insanity but also to strive for the impossible, so as to try, against all the odds, to impress them.
10. Give examples of how the behavior of an individual can shape his or her social environment.
15:44, 18/9/10:- Through a critical mass of influence, the whole moral and psychological ambiance of a social setting can be changed, revolutionized, affected, by the effect of a single spiritual soul trying to live according to His spirit. A whole Community can be inspired, just as Baha’u’llah did to the people of Baghdad. That influence did not last, directly, but its influence would have spread like imperceptible ripples through out the world, even though the world is still fast asleep, and unaware of the thief Who came in the Night and stole the crown jewels of the ruling Houses of the whole world.
11. The reading contains a series of statements about the inseparability of the two aspects of moral purpose. In each of the exercises below, fill in the blank(s) in the first sentence with the appropriate word(s) from the text and then answer the questions that follow it.
a. One cannot develop virtues and talents in 03:52, 21/9/10:- isolation, but only through effort and activity for the benefit of others.
At first glance, this statement does not appear to be strictly true. One may think, for example, that an isolated man living in a forest would grow in courage and gain in appreciation for nature and, at the same time, would develop those talents needed for survival. Does this observation diminish the truth of the above statement? 03:57, 21/9/10:- No, the instructiveness and potentialities of the social learning of interacting with others i immense and without it, in social isolation a person, as a human being, a social creature, not a lone wolf, will emotionally, socially, psychologically stagnate and die in many ways. Solitary confinement, socially, even with complete freedom in geographically, would kill most people. We are designed to live in relati0nship with others.
b. Virtues and talents should be developed through effort and activity for the 03:59, 21/9/10:- benefit of others.
What happens to us when we develop our talents exclusively for our own benefit? Can you cite examples of highly developed talents that have been used to the detriment of humankind? 04:00, 21/9/10:- Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao tse tung, all considered their own personal vision for their countries as essential for their countries’ progress, and subordinated every other consideration to the imperative of upholding their own vision against every dissenting opinion. To bolster their own view of self, even the benefits to the people they considered themselves to be serving, in the end were of no account, compared to protecting their own stranglehold on power, absolute power. Their vision became toxic and a detriment to the whole population of their nations, if not the world, involving the slaughter of millions of innocents  in all 3 cases.
c. and do not lead to the development of one’s potentials.
What is idle worship and why is it mentioned in this context? Suppose you are a highly gifted person who decides to withdraw from society for ten years in order to figure out a new economic system that would bring prosperity to the world. Would you succeed?
d. To focus one’s sense of purpose only on the development of one’s own potential is to lose and .
The word perspective refers to the apparent relation between visible objects with respect to position, distance, and so on. It is used figuratively to refer to the relation between parts of a whole as viewed in the mind. In the context of this latter meaning, can you describe in concrete terms how we lose perspective if we only concentrate on one half of the twofold moral purpose, namely, our own personal growth? What distortions will appear in the way we see reality?
e. With no outside interactions and social goals, one has no by which to judge personal progress and no by which to measure one’s development.
A good number of people would dispute this point. They would argue that the most reliable standards by which to measure one’s development are, indeed, internal and would cite personal satisfaction and happiness as the most important goals of one’s life. How would you counter such arguments?
f. A person forgetful of the social dimension of moral purpose is prone to subtle forms of ego — combinations of , , and .
Why is this particular combination referred to as a form of the ego? It is easy to see that a person focused only on himself will indeed be prone to self-righteousness and self-satisfaction. But how does guilt enter into the equation?
g. A sense of purpose driven only by the desire to transform society, wiht no attention to the need for and , is easily .
The final outcome of dozens of revolutions fought for the sake of justice is ample proof of the validity of this statement. Can you cite a few examples from recent history and explain how purpose became distorted in each instance?
h. The person who blames society for every wrong and ignores the importance of loses and for others and is prone to acts of and .
Do the examples you cited above reflect this tendency?
i. Divorced from the desire to one’s own , social transformation becomes an extremely enterprise.
Why do you think the word fragile is used in the sentence?
12. In the space next to each word in the columns below, write the word from the following list that most closely resembles it in meaning:

advance, separated, push, inclined, necessary, provide, unbiased, retire, fill, well-being, lengthen, undertaking, include, measure, shape, mutual, inactive, argue for, delicate, decorate, indivisible, deceptive
imbue impel
comprise adorn
endow promote
welfare inseparable
standard mold
reciprocal essential
idle withdrew
prolong advocate
prone divorced
fragile enterprise
subtle objective
13. Complementary is an excellent word for you to learn to use. In this reading, personal transformation and collective transformation are called complementary. Which of the following are complementary: economic development, intellectual development, social development, spiritual civilization, material civilization, moral development.





14. The word balanced is used in the reading to characterize an “approach to personal and collective transformation”. One often hears the same word used in phrases such as “balanced life” and “balanced personality”. What are some of the characteristics of an “unbalanced” approach to personal and social transformation?

Mention some of the characteristics of a balanced personality. What are some of the characteristics of an unbalanced personality?

Group Discussion

As always, you should reread the text of the lesson before moving on to the exercises for group discussion

1. It is stated in the reading that social action must transcend the limitations of unfettered individualism and of suffocating collectivism. To transcend something is “to exist beyond the reach of that thing”. It is being suggested, then, that social action should free itself from both unrestrained individualism and the kind of collectivism that suffocates individual aspiration. After you have explored the implications of this statement with your group, you will find it useful to do the following exercise:

a. Write down some of the characteristics of unfettered individualism.

b. Write down some of the characteristics of suffocating collectivism.

c. Describe how unfettered individualism blocks social progress.

d. Describe how suffocating collectivism blocks individual growth.

2. Do you know of any socioeconomic and political system in the world that has achieved the desired balance between the protection of individual freedom and the provision of social welfare to all its members? Describe some of the characteristics of such an ideal system.

Please post your replies in the Group Discussion Forum for Lesson 4.

1160) Published: Non-Me Source: I am the Hedgehog February 20, 2010

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Typed and written 02:44, Saturday, 20th February 2010 CE
1160) I am the Hedgehog

The Web Behaviour Test

Not Pete Baldwin? – Please log out

You are a Web Hedgehog

HedgehogSlow-moving – Web Hedgehogs are careful internet users, taking their time to find the right information – just as the real-world hedgehog carefully searches out insects and berries.

Solitary – Hedgehogs lead mainly solitary lives and are happiest foraging for food of their own. In the ecology of the Internet, you also prefer to go it alone, rarely relying on information on social networks or other sites whose content is created by its users.

Specialised – The hedgehog relies for protection on its highly specialised ability to roll into a spiky ball. Similarly, your test suggests you are a specialised web user, best suited to concentrating on one thing at a time rather than attempting to multitask.

How we worked out your web animal

Our web animals are just for fun, but the test is based on solid and rigorous science, so your results should tell you something interesting about your web behaviour.

Three aspects of your web behaviour were used to work out your web animal.

Adaptable or specialised?

Family using the internet

We aren’t always as good at multitasking as we think we are

The internet allows us to do lots of things at the same time. You might be listening to music and updating your blog while receiving news alerts and chatting online with friends. Then an email arrives. Can you switch seamlessly between different tasks? Or are you actually less efficient?

Indeed, a study from Stanford University in California suggests that people who spend their time multitasking might actually be less good at juggling tasks than non-multitaskers.

If you are an ‘adaptable’ web animal, then you scored highly on our tests that measured your ability to multitask. If your web animal is ‘specialised’, then you are probably better suited to taking on one task at a time.

Fast-moving or slow-moving?

Multitasking woman

Slow and steady sometimes wins the race

The internet helps people find information fast. Practice makes perfect, and its possible to learn techniques for getting to the information you need quickly. But speed isn’t the same as accuracy. The first answer you find isn’t necessarily the right answer.

We measured the time it took you to complete a series of search tasks. If you are a fast-moving web animal, you took less time than average. This maybe because you know exactly what you’re doing, but could also mean you missed important information. If you are a slow-moving web animal, this could be because you’re less confident, that you focused on getting the right answer rather than the first one.

Social or solitary?

Family using the internet

An online social life could influence the way you trust people

The internet has radically multiplied the ways in which we can meet new friends and stay in contact with existing ones. (Internet guru Clay Shirky once said that before the internet came along, the most recent technology that affected the way people sat down and talked to each other was the table.) So how social are you online?

If your web animal is social, you probably told us you spend quite a lot of time on social networking sites and that you tend to trust sites whose content is created by its users. If your web animal is solitary, you probably don’t socialise as much online and are inclined to trust sites whose content is produced in a more traditional, ‘authoritative’ way.

Social behaviour online is a fascinating area of study for our scientists. They would like to understand the relationship between time spent online and the type of information sources users choose to trust.

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