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1398) Published: Status Update: Emotionally Flat? March 5, 2011

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Jalal, 4th ‘Ala’, 167 BE
The Glory and Grandeur of Loftiness
Saturday, 4th March, 2011 AD
1398) Emotionally Flat
The first day of the week, was a case of PBMAS, (Post-Baha’i Meeting Anti-Climax Syndrome), wherein the love, joy and happiness engendered last night with the Baha’i youth at a communal breaking of The Fast, did not continue today. The reasons were clear enough and fairly mundane; lack of sleep, lack of reading The Writings, lack of discipline to restore the balance of faith, so today was a let-down, despite a 5 hour study from early at 08:00 in studying the 28/12 message from the House.