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1401) Published: Status Update: w/c 9/7/11 July 10, 2011

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Jamal, 17th Rahmat, 168 BE
The Beauty and Mercy of Words
Sunday, 10th July, 2011 AD
1401) w/c 9/7/11
So, what’s new? What’s interesting or significant? In the last few weeks, I’ve read 3 books:- “Brainwash: The Secret History of Mind Control” by Dominic Streatfield, “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn and “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. The situation about American corruption seems to be bubbling up to the surface as never before and so many seem to waking up to it, that maybe the genie is now out of the bottle. Where it will lead to next is unclear, though the comments about it from The House (UHJ) are keeping us all up to date as to its significance. This conflict between “the people” and “the super-rich” seems to be something that Baha’is are not necessarily taking sides on or involving themselves in, but nevertheless, the Baha’is are, I imagine, watching the situation carefully, just like everybody else. In my own personal life, I’ve started reading “Change for the Better” by Elizabeth Wilde McCormick about CAT (Cognitive Analytic Therapy), and have started focusing more on my own personal issues rather than the unbelievable goings on in the USA. And in this situation, a sometimes tenuous relationship with Baha’u’llah, seems to be giving me all the strength I need to carry on, without any noticeable stress or anxiety. My favorite Baha’i activity is chanting the Baha’i invocation “Allah’u’Abha” 95 times daily. I do so to the tune of “Allah’u’Abha” as sung by the Baha’i music groups Gyenyame and Islington, and I find this daily exercise very effective in clearing my mind from the hypnotic dross of western media, and reinvigorating my link to the Lord. It seems to me quite significant that His station and rank, spiritually, as hinted in the Tablet of Visitation, and a quotation by ‘Abdu’l-Baha cited by Shoghi Effendi in I think “World Order of Baha’u’llah”, that He is the Authority from God for the whole history of mankind, at the very least from Adam (maybe 10,000 BC?) to the far distant end of the “Baha’i Cycle” around half a million years into the future. Such a perception seems from a down-to-earth point of view rather extravagant and far-fetched, but to my mind, in the light of Arthur C Clarke’s “Fact is stranger than fiction” the nature of Quarks and Super-strings, and more than 4 dimensions of space-time, and the apparent secret history of the super-rich arbiters of modern history, such a claim for the station of Baha’u’llah, however incredible, is no more extravagant and far-fetched, than that explained by scientists and alternative journalists.