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1402) Status Update: w/c 5th November 2011 November 5, 2011

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Jalal, 2nd Qudrat, 168 BE
The Glory and Glory of Power
Saturday, 5th November, 2011 AD
1402)  Status Update for w/c 5th November 2011
05:44 a.m. 5/11/11
My father passed away on 11th October 2007, my mother on 9th October 2011. I received two cards of sympathy from Baha’i Institutions the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Oxford, and that of the United Kingdom, worded as follows:-
“Dearest Pete, Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. We pray for the progress of your dear mother’s soul. Thinking of you, With love, The Local Assembly of Oxford”
“”I am the Sun of Wisdom and the Ocean of Knowledge. I cheer the faint and revive the dead. I am the guiding light that illumineth the way. I am the Royal Falcon on the arm of the Almighty. I unfold the drooping wings of every broken bird and start it on its flight.” Baha’u’llah.
Pete Baldwin
Dearest Pete,
The National Assembly was sad to hear about the passing of your beloved mother, and has prayed for the progress of her soul in all the Worlds of God. May the Blessed Beauty send you His grace, love and comfort at this difficult time.
With heartfelt love and prayers,
The National Spiritual Assembly.”
14:33, 5/11/11
Watching Ellie Arroway played by Jodie Foster experiencing First Contact in “Contact” by Carl Sagan yet again. Though I would gladly give my heart to a woman like Ellie Arroway, I know it would be futile since we could be nothing more than friends, since I know Jodie Foster is gay and would never have any interest in me even at my best. C’est domage! When the alien in the form of Ellie’s father shows the number of sentient beings by allowing sand to pour through his fingers, an ARC of sand particles catches the light. At the end of the film Ellie, back on Earth does the same, and an ARC of particles catches the light. Such coincidences are not, but whether Carl Sagan, or the scriptwriter, or the film director had the slightest idea of what an ARC or particles catching the light might possibly mean to 7 million Baha’is around the world is at this time, unknown. And the proof, the circumstantial evidence, nearly 18 hours of static in alien time, recorded in a split second of Earth time. The first ARC of sand particles was like a concave radio telescope facing the left, the second faced upwards to heaven. Alternatively, to the West, to the United States, and secondly to the North towards Akka from Haifa, just like the Baha’i ARC of 5 buildings (1 remaining to be built) on the slopes of Mount Carmel. Could it be that in the Major Plan of God, God looks towards the United States to sort things out on Earth, and that in the Minor Plan of God, the essence of humanity, woman, looks towards the ARC on Mount Carmel to sort things out.