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1410) July 10, 2012

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02:04, Tuesday, 10th July 2012 AD.

Due to the sedative effect of the 150 mgs twice daily of Quetiapine/Seroquel I have been sleeping during the day quite a lot since my last post, and to be fair, as tonight, also due to staying awake long after I should have gone to bed, quite often. As a result my activity during the day, out and about has included regular grocery shopping, the occasional visit of a Wednesday to the Kidlington MIND club at the Kaleidoscope Centre behind Exeter Hall, and several Baha’i meetings but little else. More specifically, I had a visit from 3 dear Baha’i friends from Oxford, and after seeing my school-painted acrylic city-scape inspired by the map of Norwich, especially its ring-road, my friends after asking if it was mine, also liked my Manhattan city-scape acrylic painting. After that, I took them through the rest of my school art, and although there was plenty done at hospital in the Day Centre, it was not of such interest as my school art. After the school art, there was no time left, and it was time for them to go. It was great to get a visit from them, and I feel the rifts and estrangements that have beset my feelings for and relationship with the Community over the past 6 years are beginning tio be a thing of the past. Which is nice! I also attended a deepening repeating the material of a similar deepening a few weeks ago on the attitude of ‘Abdu’l-Baha in relating the Faith to Christianity for Christians, based on a meeting in France between Him and a French priest. After a few weeks of thinking about what constituted this dialogue, there was more discussion and comment this time about the topic, and a lively and interesting chat resulted, exploring more than had been at the previous meeting. The atmosphere was genial and agreeable and greatly welcome. Last Friday I did NOT want to get up and attend an interview with my Care-Cordinator. I eventually dragged myself up kicking and screaming inwardly and promptly suffered a puncture, hardly out of the centre of Kidlington. I made the rest of the way by bus and eventually had the interview, together with a student. Jac got me to summarise the Baha’i Faith for the student, and after I had explained the basics, Jac mentioned the new Ridley Scott sci-pfi “Prometheus”, which set me off with quite a spirit of enthusiasm. Then, before the time was used up, Jac prompted me to take of “issues”, specifically my dad, whose basic character I tried to describe. Jac then prompted some information about his jobs, and we finished off on a more positive note on a a memory I have of being about 10, having flu, way back before we moved from Well Meadow Road to Granville Street, and I was stuck in bed in my upper bunk bed, in my, or our with brother David, small bedroom. Dad took the trouble of borrowing a rentable black and white TV just for me to be able to watch in my room from my sick bed, a documentary about James Bond, probably up to and about “Thunderball”, I should think. This to me is an example of Dad being kind, loving and in tune with me. And on that positive note, it was time to go, until the next interview with my NHS psychological professionals. Despite the negativity and puncture earlier in the day, it turned out fine in the end. Next day, Steve kindly helped me get my puncture fixed via a trip to Summertwon Cycles , now that Kidlington’s G R Cycles is no longer in business, and an agreeable chat on the way to Oxford. I chatted to a couple of JWs in Cornmarket Street indirectly about the Faith on the way home, whilst Steve attended Court in his capacity as a JP. I splashed out on a £19 tyre rather than £12 for extra protection against punctures, though Summertown did not recommend “slime tubes”. Then, the only event to report was todays two comemorations of the 162nd anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Bab, in Jericho and Woodstock, the first of which Shadeh had rung me earlier to ask me to choose the readings, one of which, from Shoghi Effendi’s “Dispensation of Baha’u’llah” which Mahsa recited, gave interesting concepts which showed the Bab’s manifestation in the crucial role it plays in the historic unfolding of the Earth’s religious history, putting everything into the perspective of the history of mankind from about 6000 BC to 500,000 AD. In between the two meetings, I met an old Baha’i friend in town whilst shopping whom I hadn’t seen for some time and we had a marvellous chat before swapping new mobile numbers. The meeting in Woodstock was nice as well, seeing the usual old crowd as usual, but in the usual genial, friendly atmosphere, even though there’s not much to discuss, amidst enjoying and luxuriating in the warm fellowship of a loving harmonious Baha’i Community. And after getting home this evening, and watching “Wallander” and “The Comet’s Tale” on BBC iplayer, I updated Skype, installed my newly re-found microphone, and with the web-cam, Skype is now again fully operational, which is nice! And at 02:40, it’s high time I got to bed, so good night! And sweet dreams.