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1413) Two nights in June September 10, 2012

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Monday, 10th September 2012 AD

It was 2010, dubbed by Arthur C Clarke’s film of the same name, The Year We Make Contact. I was in the depths of an “episode” and not yet hospitalized. Through a now long forgotten chain of logic, I was hiding in the bathroom, all night. I jammed the sliding door shut with a piece of wood, made myself as comfortable as possible sitting on an upright wooden chair, turned off the light, and tried to be as silent and as still as possible, keeping the sound of my breathing as low as possible. At around half past two, or maybe three in the morning, I heard a noise. There had been no other noises for hours, my part of the housing estate having been utterly silent. This new sound was mechanical and reminded me of the Martian tripods in “War of the Worlds” starring Tom Cruise. Another, closer sound occurred, as if the bins were being examined and processed, but by machine, not dustbin men. In case some probe was scanning my room, and looking for access to other rooms, I kept deathly silent, hardly daring to breathe. After maybe 5 minutes, both noises diminished and all was silent again as if the machine concluded there were no more humans in this block to process, and it was time to move on to another area, to get more “work” in before dawn. I had evaded whatever the “aliens” had in store for me, until the whole thing happened again the following night, and I evaded them again. When I discussed this with a friend on FB, he suggested the sound was from “combine harvesters”. Until now, I’d never thought of the possibility of “alien” combine harvesters, reaping human souls.



1412) Altered State September 4, 2012

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Tuesday 4th September 2012

I quick synopsis of recent years:-
April 2009 came of NHS drugs
experienced some RLS, tried to treat it with a small amount of Abilify (failed), and Iron Nitrate (succeeded somewhat)
experienced excellent health for about 18 months
June 2012 suddenly became quite ill
my response to episode 5:11 of Dr Who was quite hypo-manic
my appetite for healthy food suddenly disappeared and I craved something sweet
I felt that suddenly my environment had become toxic, requiring a ridiculous amount of protection
I noticed a green star in the North East just before dawn
resulted in 6th hospitalization
Christmas 2011
tried to help a friend using megavitamin therapy
she wouldn’t commit to it
after a fortnight of looking after her I went home for Christmas
I noticed that I’d become hypo-manic whilst looking after her
went home (to Hereford) without any Abilify
I felt a physically toxic environment upstairs so left a day early
over the next 3 days I was hypo-manic or manic
hospitalized for the 7th time
I kept my doctor informed, but reduced my meds (Quetiapine) to 75 mgs daily
increased it to 300 or 400 whilst visiting Mum during her last days at Brockhampton nursing home in September and October 2011
and while keeping my sister company while she organized the funeral
stayed with my sister in Germany over Christmas and the New Year, great to be out of the UK
In March, started to experience a toxic environment again
spending a lot of time on the phone to the crisis team to discuss protection from the environment
sectioned in early April, since my living in my flat was fast becoming impossible
my 8th hospitalization taking up April and May 2012
19:55, 4/9/12
I remember in late March or early April 2012, seeing Daniel Craig being interviewed in London after the completion of filming for “Skyfall”, his latest Bond movie. During his interview, he said, “after I died”, and said it with complete nonchalance. So I thought, what had happened to London in March that he should have died, and how many others “died”, and if they did, why are they alive now? Was London destroyed by a WMD and retrometabolized by the Mysterons afterwards?
The features of the physically toxic environment, very similar to that of June 2010, were as follows, as far as I can recollect at present. There was an intermittent feeling that some external factor was making me feel as if my brain was being fried, making rational thought impossible. Through trial and error, I tried various different ways to shield myself. I found that being in the bathroom, where there is no window, helped. There was also the ceramic tiles of the shower on my south side in there. I also found that keeping bright sunlight, sodium street-lighting out, and keeping electrical lighting to short bursts helped. I also found that layers of plastic helped, i.e. a roll of linolium and plastic macs. Another toxic effect was to feel that the floor was contaminated, and that to avoid my feet feeling unbearable, I had to get them up off ground level by at least 2 feet (no pun intended). I surmised that my carpet was infested by insects, from a hole in the wall, where spiders could get in. When I found a huge amount of spiders’ webs behind a diagonally placed bookcase, I did my best to sweep them away, and have since been sweeping away any webs outside near the hole. After pouring some bleach and hot water into the flower-bed under the hole in the wall, there was a sudden reduction in the feeling that my carpet was infested, and that problem has not yet re-materialized. To protect my brain, I also found “a la Arnie in Total Recall” that a wet towel wrapped around my skull also helped greatly.
I recently discovered “directed energy weapons” or DEW. It seemed clear to me that the NHS is using something like this after the following event happened. In the recent 8th hospitalization, I went to bed one night, and the feeling of being “irradiated” started soon afterwards. It reached a crescendo at 01:00 in the morning and suddenly stopped, and in the meantime, I had tried to shield myself, utilizing my acrylic duvet, plastic mac, and feet up off the floor. Almost immediately I heard the ward door open after its distinctive Big Ben chime, someone enter, and ask the night staff, “Has he responded to the treatment yet?” When I later got a nurse to check my story on another occasion, she admitted that she could hear the sound which went with this radiation, a low hum, and that it was heard in my room, NOT the adjoining corridor. She also agreed that it was coming from outside my room. She suggested a “boiler room”, with electronic equipment attached, and a cyan light seen through the boiler room window.
On another occasion, during a fire drill, I went outside into the grounds near the ward, and sat on a bench. I heard the sound of raindrops so put on my plastic mac. I continued to “hear raindrops falling” though there was sometimes metallic about the sound, and there were no clouds which seemed likely to be the culprit. I tried to localize where the sound of raindrops was coming from. Behind me, a room which was part of the ward, but on the end of a side corridor, seemed to be where the raindrops falling sound was coming from. The sounds were definitely coming from various parts of the roof, and there was NO RAIN. At that moment, I turned around, and saw Dr Quested looking at me, with a clipboard, on which he was scribbling notes.
Do I trust the NHS to be telling me the whole truth? Do I hell!

1411) Facebook gives way to WordPress? September 2, 2012

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Sunday, 2nd September, 2012 AD

Recently it became obvious that Facebook was not allowing me to share Wikileaks posts, so I copied and pasted. Today, there were just a handful of new posts since last night, instead of a stream of posts taking 45 minutes to plough through. So, since Facebook is for the time being at least no longer offering me freedom of speech, I’ll abandon it for today, and see if it has been restored tomorrow.