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1416) Creative Visualisation: The Abyss October 27, 2012

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09:29, Saturday, 27th October 2012 AD

1416) Creative Visualisation: The Abyss

I’m on the surface of a white sphere, with bright white light everywhere, a situation that I hate, and there is a crack in the earth, a chasm, an abyss, and I’m at the edge looking down into the blackness, and just one step and I will fall, and there would be no coming back. But I’d rather gaze down into the blackness than look at anything out here on the surface. I’m caught between light and dark, intent at looking at the dark, hating the light, refusing to look at the light, but hesitating to abandon the light in favour of the dark, with no hope of return. But nevertheless, looking into the darkness is comforting, familiar, soothing, brings contentment. So this is where I will stay, at the edge of darkness, looking into the blackness, and feeling content to do nothing else.


1415) Published: Dream: A Hollywood Movie about Manhattan October 25, 2012

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04:42, Thursday, 25th October 2012 AD
1415) Dream: a Hollywood Movie about Manhattan
I dreamt some years ago that I was in a cinema watching a wide-screen film about New York. The view was of Manhattan from the air, high up just to the south of Battery Park. Triumphal music played as I gazed at the celestial crystal skyscrapers, silver, white, gleaming, translucent in the sunshine, architecture like nothing on Earth. Then amidst the skyscrapers, I spied a train, painted in red and white stripes, snaking its way out of Manhattan towards the North East. THAT was the end of the dream.

1414) Published: Dream: Wilmette, Evanston, Chicago, America. October 25, 2012

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04:31, Thursday, 25th October 2012 AD
1414) Dream: Wilmette, Evanston, Chicago, America.
Some years ago I dreamt I was visiting the Baha’i House of Worship or Mashriqul Adhkar or Dawning Place of the Mention of God in Wilmette, Evanston, Chicago, America. I was wondering around the concrete base of the Temple, finished in 1953, which was a leveled surface of rough concrete. I noticed within the concrete, sparkling in the frosty cold spring air and low declination sunshine, tiny shards of different coloured glass, red, white and blue. And as I noticed the sparkling colours I felt an irrepressible, ecstatic feeling of exaltant joy.