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1417) Star-Date 1700415/20130531a) As Good As It Gets May 31, 2013

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Istiqlal, 19th (Ala) Azamat, 170 BE
Independence, Loftiness of Grandeur
Friday, 31st May, 2013 AD

It seems a propitious time to give myself a de-briefing (who else is going to do it?) now that we’re all (in the northern Terran hemisphere) approaching the end of spring. And what a fascinating spring it has been! Facebook was occupying the bulk of the limelight and a dream prefigured my moving on from it, into an unknown but radiantly joyous future, somehow hooked up with the far-east. But I’m getting ahead of myself. What’s new? As the spring started, perhaps with daffodil shoots poking their way out of my flower-bed in December, I started to be leery or wary of signs that the usual spring hypo-mania might cause trouble. And with the hope that any shenanigins might be defused before any lasting damage was done, as in 2002, or to sail through the year with neither shenanigins OR lasting damage, as in 2009, I set off into the spring, with my eyes peeled for any signs of said shenanigins. I didn’t have to wait long. On Facebook, the promptings of desire soon bore fruit in the comments of some Facebook friends, amongst the total numbering around 485, responding to my coded messages of desire, with signs that they understood intimately my romantic shenanigins and duly offering comments that not only spelt empathy, but also allusions of imminent resolution, which situation continued for at least 2 months, rising to a crescendo, with no resolution in sight, but my comment to a trusted Baha’i friend, “You know, I’m not PARTICULARLY well at the moment!” And at that, the crescendo of grand delusion disappeared as if like a mirage, with the onset of a thunderstorm, and all was peace and quiet again. But the source of my delusion, being not only “friends” on Facebook winding me up, but also the unbelievably allusory creative genius of Charlie Brooker and Stephen Moffat, to name but two, also dissipated with episode of The Doctor marking the cessation of allusory winding up in that particular direction until 23rd November. And I’m STILL nowhere near needing a 9th hospitalisation! Which is nice! So, TV failed to wind me up, Facebook “friends” failed to wind me up, and with the perception that the 2 most considerable benefits of Facebook, namely teaching The Baha’i Faith, and waking the world up politically, had 1) shown itself to be a function of Facebook that was subject to relentless hacking, editing, misrepresentation, and 2) there was nothing more to add in terms of the corruption and evil of western civilization, I followed what I felt to be the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and deactivated myself from active Facebook activity, admittedly for the umpteenth time. But life since the deactivation has appeared to be marvelously earthed, centred, grounded, and eminently sane.

Time to go. Its 12:50, and Friday prayers with MECO at the church hall, across Banbury Road, beckons.

In consultation with my NHS minders, concensus was reached a few months ago, that an increased dosage of Quetiapine/Seroquel from 300 to 400 mgs daily was called for. And, whilst in the throes of moving home down the road from No 48 to No 69, from a one-room studio flat to a 3-room maisonette, I decided I needed 500 on two consecutive days. And now, when the situation has settled down markedly, the daily, weekly and monthly routine is bobbing along, weaving, ducking and diving and life seems fine, until the elite decides to give Britain the same treatment as the 7 states to be done over in 5 years, what was the list now? Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and Iran? I’d have to google Wesley Clark on You Tube, but that list is approximately what the neo-cons seemed to have set their eyes on as targets in 2002. Perhaps Mr Obama has had a moderating effect on his own home-grown “swivell-eyed loons” and stopped the worst of the neo-con agenda, though what is left is still enough to incense mankind sufficiently to trigger a global war against the United States elite on behalf of the masses the world over. And with this global insanity carrying on unchecked, I am pursuing my own Baha’i list of activities, in consultation with Baha’i Institutions. But that agenda, and the details of my activities will remain unpublished. To quote The Doctor, “you never know who is listening in”.

After checking my front tyre for pressure in readiness for tomorrow’s shenanigins and gallivanting, and “taking care of business” such as updating my accounts, and leisurely doing so with the backdrop of Russia Today or Al Jazeerah (I don’t yet have access to CCTV (no, not Closed Circuit Television but Central Chinese TV) news). Al Jazeerah gets to aire every now and again, when Russia Today feels itself under pressure to aire consumerist multi-national corporate advertising. But the news cycle has lapped itself several times, so I’ll switch off Talk Talk You View Freeview and play one of my favourite play-lists called Video on Windows Media Player, after playing Alex Jones Infowars for a few minutes, hailing from Austin Texas on his Genesis Communications Network.

This seems to be borne out by my memory of sharing a house from about 2000 to 2002 with ex-intel agent (alleged by him), Paul Anthony Merritt, who claimed I was a Muslim and asked me to leave the Baha’i Faith at least twice.