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1701113/20131009a) Comfortably not numb, but calm. October 9, 2013

Posted by pete1844 in Diary.
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03:16 BST (British Summer Time).
‘Idal, 13th (Qudrat) Mashiyyat, 170 BE
Justice, Power of Will
Wednesday, 9th October 2013 AD

So, I feel comfortably detached, disinterested?, calm, unemotional, but not that emotionally flat effect felt due to neuroleptic drugs, rather a calm contentment with His Will that can only be explained by the prayers of others. Which is nice. Its not that I don’t care; its that I’m confident that Baha’u’llah and His Institutions know exactly what they are doing, and that I do not fear the outcome since “the signs” seem to augur well that I am not TOO much in their bad books, despite my faults, flaws and shortcomings. Its as though the vehicle I am driving has been hacked, and is being driven remotely by spiritual forces that I am quite comfortable to let be in complete control. Its like being on the flight-deck or cockpit of my own being, say personified by a Boeing 707 (old hat I know, but more firmly rooted in my being than a newfangled Jumbo Jet (Boeing 747)). And on that flight-deck, rather more spacious than a 707, more like the bridge of a Picard Enterprise, there is at the front, gazing out of the right hand side of the flight-deck window, or view-screen, a tall willowy blonde reminiscent of my first crush, No 1, Nicola, during the sixth form in Newport, Shropshire, and she is my soul, my anima, the feminine other half of my soul, deep in my sub-conscious. She is looking ahead, which on this northerly heading up the Atlantic, sees the eastern seaboard of the United States ahead, with New York dead ahead, with a pall of black smoke extending from NYC towards the right, the east, across the Atlantic. I scratch my head, asking why on Earth would my soul want to go there, amidst such negativity. Its a mystery. And I contemplate what other factors are determining my flight-plan. Apart from my anima and her strange intention to be headed for New York, there is the Zitech alien technology nav-com navigation computer, which only she can operate, on account of the alien technology, since Nicola’s real name is Part, and I have no idea which planet she came from, or how and why she ended up so inextricably linked to my sub-conscious. I do know however that Part is not Prote, and did not come from a planet called K-Pax; that would be silly! So, Nicola, the Zitech nav-com computer, which with its alien technology and its ability to take instructions from advanced ETs, possibly of the same ilk as Nicola/Part and possibly its ability to take instructions from other dimensions and their beings such as the Concourse on High in the Abha Kingdom, have everything under control, and are firmly in charge of whatever is happening to me, and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about and all I have to do is sit tight, relax and wait for things to develop and manifest themselves. Of course, I may have utterly misread the situation, but I am human, and prone to err.

I wonder what tosh No 6 thinks of the above?