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1701710/20140128a) Amor ill us/Amaryllis January 28, 2014

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14:48 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
Fidal, 10th (‘Izzat) Sultan, 170 BE
Grace, Might of Sovereignty
Year number 18, Abha, (Most Luminous)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Tuesday, 28th January 2014 AD.

So, here I am at Summertown Terminal Nine, after this on FB:- “The Amorillus that Shelagh (well played by Laura Main?) at the Art Group, gave me before Christmas, for fixing the chain on her bike, has now produced, at the end of a large stem over a foot tall, two large buds with a small one on one side, and two much smaller ones in evidence as well, making a happy family of 5 altogether experiencing domestic bliss, after an incredibly small amount of moisture dripped into the soil from my fingers.” Reminds me of when I was typing the lyrics of “Who Makes you feel” by Dido, when after typing the question in those lyrics, “Who makes you feel the way I make you feel?”, the words appeared immediately on the screen, “us usually”. And so, about 7 years later, we still engage in remote flirting, direct contact between us forbidden by forces unknown, for reasons unknown, our mutual attraction growing day by day, as in “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

A busy Saturday was followed by a busy Sunday. Saturday:- BK course part 1, “Self Esteem” for Parchie. bought new parts for my Madison bike sunglasses, so I am equipped again for the first time in about two months, to see without squinting, whilst cycling. And later a MECO celebration of the Hijrah, from which Omar, the 2nd Caliph, dated the Islamic calendar, in 622 AD. Sunday:- a CRM (County Reflection Meeting) which was very successful, in the same venue as the previous evening’s celebration, followed by a meal of a hot-dog, and the 19:00 service at St Ebbe’s. I am now questioning the social appropriateness of teaching the Faith there, although celebrating Jesus Christ during the service was a great source of joy, albeit “to Christendom, He is Jesus Christ, returned in the Glory of the Father”, as testified by Shoghi Effendi. Monday I was exhausted, didn’t go out, and slept virtually all day. Still tired today, I had an errand to do for Dr Taj, before stopping here to type, before a BK meditation at 17:30 and a MECO Qur’an seminar at 19:00. I feel somehow slightly integrated by the BK meditations, with my feelings for Baha’u’llah and her, No 6, previously perhaps identified with Partie and Parchie, now being owned by Parnie as well, my emotions no longer cordoned off from Parnie’s awareness, to be kept in secret, safe and protected from the harsh real world, in the compartmentalised personae of Partie and Parchie. As in the following dream:-

Typed and written 14:53, Friday, 16th October 2009 CE
1056) For Integration go to Room 60
I once dreamed I was in the entrance hall
of an institution of further education
looking for information
about in which room my class would be held
and on a cylindrical pillar
I found the notice,
“For “Integration” go to room 60, not room 16″
and when I awoke
I surmised that 60 and 16
referred to 1260 AH,
the year the Baha’i Faith was born
in 1844 AD,
referred to, by the mystics of the time,
“the year 60”,
and the 16th November 1955
when I was born,
so for integrating my fractured personality,
I was to get stuck in to the Baha’i Revelation
and not so much with my individual identity,
and I have found over the years
that the Baha’i spiritual exercises
which are prescribed by His Faith
for daily, regular and consistent use
have always enabled me to be more integrated
and now, with a daily regime
of reciting “Allah’u’Abha 95 times,
reciting an Obligatory Prayer
reading from The Writings, morning and evening
and often other prayers
like The Tablet of Ahmad,
The Tablet of Visitation of ‘Abdu’l-Baha
The Fire Tablet,
the campaign prayer for the currant IPG
US 2002 prayer on pages 90 to 92 for the UK
a daily prayer from The Tablets of the Divine Plan
a Section from a Ruhi book
and ending with bringing myself to account each day
and writing some notes
on my Direct and Indirect Teaching Encopunters
has, is and will enhance my spiritual life immensely
and has, is and will facilitate my integration
into a whole person
no longer split into an emotional 3 year old
vying in control of myself with a 53 year old intellect
those meotions and that identity
now being comfortably incorporated
into my present, adult self
in the current real world
confident, calm, relaxed, and united within myself.

 And so, what else is there to talk about? The CRM, and gravitating to Oxford LSA (“what bounty is there greater than this?” says ‘Abdu’l-Baha) rather than the small Communities of North Oxfordshire, being at peace and in unity with the Learned Arm, with a re-newed intention to host DM/Gs in my new home, with going through boxes and filing bits of A4 paper the first priority, the first rung on the ladder of service of the Institute Process, and for me the focus of this IPG (No 29? for Thames Valley).


1701706/20140124a) Tomorrow is another day. January 24, 2014

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15:17 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Istiqlal, 6th (Rahmat) Sultan, 170 BE
Independence, Mercy of Sovereignty
Year number 18, Abha, (Most Luminous)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Friday, 24rd January 2014 AD.

Awoke this morning, feeling exhausted, but dragged myself to MECO’s Friday Prayers in Summertown anyway, and couldn’t focus or function there very well at all. The consequences of last night’s staying up, and ignoring the dictates of the GBR (Going to Bed Routine). This morning, elaborate dreams were had before waking, 2 Baha’i friends from Chippy shopping with me for a pair of basic shoes or trainers, and a pair of ankle length boots suggested, which was not what I had in mind. Or was that yesterday’s dream. And after salat al-jumu’ah here at terminal 7 in Summertown, typing the end of yesterday’s post, and starting today’s. And later, a BK meditation at 17:30 in which I will TRY to keep my eyes open, followed by an amazingly appropos talk on Tiredness, its Causes and Remedies. Not so much excitement today, but after yesterday, that might JUST what the unerring Divine Physician might be prescribing. “Steady as she goes Mr Chekov, or is it Mr Sulu?” Impulse power only might be fine today. A drissley grey day, with not much excitement or stimulation. Tommorrow might be more eventful, requiring warp 4 perhaps, an evening celebration of the Exodus, or the Hijrah or the Prophet Muhammad and his companions from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD at NOA (North Oxfordshire Association) in Diamond Place, Summertown, Oxford from 19:30 arranged by Dr Taj Hargey and MECO (Muslim Educational Centre for Oxford) for all, totally inclusive. And Sunday even more exciting with a CRM (County Reflection Meeting) for Oxfordshire at the same NOA venue, from 13:30, also inclusive, though using language that would be mostly incromprehensible for those without at least some grounding in Baha’i Administration and the consultation amongst Baha’is that usually takes up most of such meetings. Monday to Saturday, nothing special, just the usual routine, until next Sunday, communal morning prayers, followed by a Book 8.1 Study Circle followed by a North Oxfordshire Unity Feast, all in North Oxfordshire, a day that MIGHT be challenging. But all that in on 2nd February, and a week is a long time during times of relatively high functioning.

1701705/20140123a) A Tripartite Triumvirate. PPP. January 23, 2014

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16:39 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
Istijlal, 5th (Nur) Sultan, 170 BE
Majesty, Light of Sovereignty
Year number 18, Abha, (Most Luminous)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Thursday, 23rd January 2014 AD.

Archie, Arnie has developed slightly. In the light of the revelation that a “Part” existed, as a result of the last session of hypnotherapy in 1988, under hypnotherapist, Peter McGhie, in Belsize Park, London, a new nomenclature has emerged. Archie becomes Parchie, a little boy with parched lips in the desert of love, thirsting for the intimacy of Mum, Arnie becomes Parnie, like Arnie, the Terimator, but also like “Marnie” played by Tippi Hedron under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock and saved by Mark Rutland played by Sean Connery. Parnie seeks to manage the situation but is periodically undermined by Parchie whose memory of trauma sometimes is triggered by social situations, takes over and re-visits that trauma in the present, making Parnie’s work of looking after Parchie, at least temporarily even more difficult, and Part becomes Partie, and rarely makes his overlordship of the whole situation apparent, exist when emerging from the depths, or heights, to tell Mr McGhie that under no circumstances, will he, Partie, allow either him, Mr McGhie OR Parnie (me) know any of the details of original trauma. More recently, the presence of Partie has been felt in an intuitive sense that Partie WANTS me to go to a particular social event, whether or not Parchie and/or Parnie concur. Just this very morning Partie obviously was keen for Parchie and Parnie to benefit from a jam-packed day of social gallivanting, including a BK meditation at 12:30, another at 17:30, and a DM/G at 17:30, all of which Parnie duly organised, with Prachie along for the ride as usual, all in obedient co-operation with Overlord Partie. On Wednesday Partie also ordered attendance at the Castle DM/G, although Parnie felt that the social and psychological dangers made such attendance outrageous. Parnie was outvoted by Parchie and Partie, whose motivation was similar though totally different. Partie seems mostly motivated by his duty to God and His Lord, Baha’u’llah, whereas Parchie motivation in every aspect of life is her, the one and only No 6. And all this typed with great pleasure at Westgate, whilst listening to King Crimson, Lizard, Prince Rupert Awakes.  Oh, and on this bombshell, I’ll leave you to ponder the wonders of my community of Peas, with the object of integration and unity of vision of the three Peas, a united One instead of Three, and not called One, but Poney, or to get the right pronunciation, Ponnie. Night All!

And I’m back on terminal 12 rather than 13, with some more shnanigins. The problems that ensued with being on 350 instead of 400 a day have reached a lull, if not the glimmerings of resolution. After a week on 350, things were getting seriously out of control, so I increased to 500 a day, which for another week produced a situation were even the basi ctasks were not been dispatched. So back up to 600 a day, and since then things have been only marginally better, dispatching more duties than under 500, but with the traumatic emotions of Parchie still causing havoc and seemingly demanding attention and a solution. Now, having pressed the alarm bell, and having been assured of an answer, there is now a period of relative calm, with all the important questions back on the back burner, and experiencing a degree of expectation of resolution in the near future, despite Parnie’s cynicism, and realistic pessimism, borne of reason and logic. Thank God, Parchie’s heart is eternally one of hope usually, rather than the occasional despair, and Partie seems to think that with the whole world in Baha’u’llah’s hands, anything is possible. Its a bit like the bridge of the Enterprise with Partie as Captain, and under his executive authority, there is Parnie (Spock) and Parchie (Bones) tearing each other’s hair out, with their respective rational logic pitted against the insistent and very human emotions of Parchie. Any questions? To legitimise the conceptual framework of a community of consciousnesses in my head, as in Picard’s archeologically brilliant pottery, I refer the honourable reader to “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” in which every person has at least 3 disparate aspects to his identity, a child, an adult and a parent. The aspect of “parent” seems absent in my set-up for obvious reasons, well, obvious to me, anyway. To me Partie is like an ET protector like Prote in “K-Pax”, Parchie is a natural child, and Parnie is an indulgent adult caretaker, charged with looking after Archie, and often finding Parchie’s tantrums stamping his feet on his tantrum mat, quite exhausting and unmanageable. Maybe Parnie tries to be a friendly adult, but finds Parchie’s needs impossible to fulfill, on account of factors in the outside world completely out of his control. Such is life! Such an interesting, rich and often exasperating pageant!

18:24, after a 2nd BK meditation at their Inner Space in Broad Street starting at 17:30, I’m now on terminal 11, and thought I’d give a pennyworth of my thoughts after finding a shiny penny somewhere earlier. The 1st event of the day, was another BK meditation at 12:30. It was a guided meditation with Mina, upstairs with the painting of a sun, maybe as far away as from Jupiter or Saturn, surrounded by sparkles on a background of orange. Rather than keep my eyes open during this, I succumbed to closing them soon afterwards and fell into semi-sleep, It wqas a bad decision. Of being guided to imagine 4 pillars of Peace, Freedom,  Forgiveness and Love, I remembered only Freedom. I DO also remember however that I imagined Parchie, aged 5, meeting Baha’u’llah and feeling His love with a hand on my shoulder, and me dissoving into tears, as all my sins are washed away. I’m sure this will resonate with Christians. So, with eyes closed, and in semi-sleep I might the guidance from Mina, and also didn’t derive the full benefit of this event. It was also attended by Yasen, and Mahsa arrived too late to join in, the three of us, walked down Turl Street and met John, newly back after the Christmas holidays. Then the 4 of us went to a cafe for a bite to eat and the other 3 discussed aspects and issues of the current activities in Oxford. I had a chicken tikka panini with Philly cheese added. John had to go, and shortly afterwards, the 3 of us, to get a wifi connection to a smart phone went to Costa Coffee. On trying to find my mobile to verify the address of tonight’s DM/G, I found I’d lost my mobile. Stressed out, I retraced my steps to the BKs where Gabby had had it safely at reception for me to pickup later. Still stressed I sat on abench outside to contemplate how to process this stress. It was Parchie who was having a panic attack. I offered him a McDonald’s vanilla ice cream which gave him back his vim and vigour. After the McD ice cream, he was back to his normal cheeky chappy self. I chatted with Graham at a Christian stall in Cornmarket Street, and then with Steve at Carfax. Both chats were agreeable. With Graham I started with the subject of The Second Advent which was not perhaps a good place to start from. With Steve, a few days before, I’d already had a heated debate, when I was definitely in a grumpy mood. This time, I limited myself o sharing with him my understanding of key aspects of Jesus’ Gospel, and we had a wonderful sharing conversation, which uplifted both of us. He’s ex-military, is travelling the length of Britain to preach in High Streets, and relies on The Lord to provide, and He does provide in miraculous ways that defy the rational logic of scientists. He wore a wide hat a bit like a cowboy. Time up. Laters, after the Littlemore DM/G.

14:53, Friday, 24th January. Just to finish the above off:- Steve and I had an excellent chat about various aspects of Jesus’ Gospel, and we both felt uplifted when we had come to the end of this very spiritual conversation which saw a rapport of hearts established as a foundation of both our intellectual understanding. The only subject on which we differed was our understanding of the signs and their relative literalness or symbolism, and it didn’t become a problem in THIS conversation, compared to our previous encounter a few days previously, because I didn’t press the point. As with Graham as well, the certainty of his interpretation of the signs attending the Second Advent, was incompatable with my Baha’i understanding of the meaning of the same passages in Jesus’ Gospel, and wranging about this is fruitless. After chatting with Steve, I went to the Westgate library to type the above.

And after Westgate, I attended the 17:30 Brahma Kumaris guided meditation with Gabby at the Inner Space, and I repeated my mitsake of allowing my eyes to close, so failed to derive much benefit from it, and after the meditation, back to terminal 11 in Westgate for more of the above and then a cycle trip to Littlemore for a short DM/G (Devotional Meeting/Gathering) followed by a Study Circle of Section 3 to 5 of Unit 1 of Ruhi Institute orange Book 4 about the nature of this Day of God, the Day or period in history where mankind is experiencing the beginning of the transition from the Kingdom of Man on Earth to the Kingdom of God on Earth as promised by Jesus Christ in His Lord’s Prayer. Included in this DM/G or SC was a very subtle brushing of my right knee, which I interpreted as symbolic of a small and delicate degree of a slight difference of opinion with her, which in my state of committment to her, is brushed off and disregarded, as are all comments designed to lesser the impact she has, is and will have on my life. The love sparked off and fueled into a conflagration in May 2006 is not subject to the earth and water designed to quench it, even a slight brushing of THE NI in the east (on the right hand side of a Mercator’s Projection). The Study Circle was fruitful and enjoyable, and I was assured by the others that I had not talked too much, so I cycled home happy, that my social interactions had not been substantially inappropriate. It had ben attended by 2 men and 4 women, just the right combination of influences, femininity beimng twice as valuable than masculinity and having twice the amount of material to contribute as the men, though I think the full potential of the women is nowhere near being understood, recogbnised or expressed in our Community as it is so far. I stayed up late to chat on Skype, watch “Enterprise” episode “Damage” and then mess about until the early hours, impacting unwisely on my ability to focus and function well today, and making the end of yesterday woefully lacking in those chores or activities that should mark the end of each day.

1701608/20140107a) A high-functioning Archie/Arnie. January 7, 2014

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circa 17:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
Fidal, 8th (Kamal) Sharaf, 170 BE
Grace, Perfection of Honour
Year number 18, Abha, (Most Luminous)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Tuesday, 7th January 2014 AD.
14:55, 8th January. I wondered what I was going to write on this post, after having had only the time at Westgate to type the title and time of posting yesterday. Woke up today at 14:21, with the following:-
Have you woken up feeling caught in the mental claws of the spiritual warfare of the dogs of earth? Have you recently experienced the aftermath an inexplicable deep sadness after talking to people you know would trip you up if they could? Never mind! Don’t worry! Be happy! Asap, when you’ve slept it off, seen what your subconscious has made of the experience in your dreams, take heart from those clues of positivity, and laughed it off as well, do an EBO, (Emergency By-Pass Operation) and side-step those claws, leaving them in an ox-bow lake, deprived of life and oxygen, to wither and die, and resume your journey, back from half-impulse or a dead in the water free float, and accelerate steadily back up to warp 9.5. Any questions?

1701606/20140105a) EBO (Emergency By-Pass Operation). January 5, 2014

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13:12 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
Jamal, 6th (Rahmat) Sharaf, 170 BE
Beauty, Mercy of Honour
Year number 18, Abha, (Most Luminous)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Sunday, 5th January 2014 AD.

13:12, Its playing “Waiting for Signals” on WMP (Windows Media Player) from the soundtrack to “Enigma” starring Kate Winslet set during WW2. And so am I. Fervid love and desire. But enough of that. Its Kull-i-Shay number 1, which runs from year dot (22nd May 1844 AD) to 361 years hence in 2205 AD. And these 361 years are divided into Vahids of 19 years each in duration. So therefore, after 8 Vahids of 19 years each, which took us to the end of 152 BE, or to 1996 AD, plus 18 years will take us up to the end of year 170 BE, in this year 2014 AD. The names of each of these 19, that are relevant to today’s date are shown above. A full explanation of the Baha’i (or Badi) Calendar can be found on pages 548 to 550 of Volume 14 of “The Baha’i World 1963-1968”. What’s playing now? “Trip to Beaumanor” from the same sauce. Time for some more GUR (Getting Up Routine).

Keith Ransom-Kehler was the first American martyr at the hands of the hypocrisy of the Persians. Hmm. Perhaps the Persians have a wicked sense of humour, really satanic! Brigadier Jones’ diary! Go gently into that dark Knight! Gently does it! Easy Tiger! Would you like me to repeat the question? And the message from the Divine Physician? Just watch The News!