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1711217/20141101a) Kirk asks a Question. October 30, 2014

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13:12 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time),
Jalal, 17th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Glory, Sovereignty of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
As-Sabt, 8th Muharram, 1436 AH
Seventh Day of the week, of The Forbidden Month
Saturday, 1st November 2014 AD

23:59. Stats:-

United States 6, United Kingdom 4, Switzerland 1, Total 11.

13:11. I can imagine a speech by Captain James Tiberius Kirk as follows:- “It all boils down to this. Do we accept the false narrative handed down to us from on high, to impose cultural imperialism on the rest of the world, without question? Do we impose our will, our vision, our values on societies across the cosmos, based on Judeo-Christian values, without any reference to the history, the culture, the independent development of cultures in very different social realities? Do we assume, without question, that our moral framework is superior to all others? Do we accept a “manifest destiny”, which with careful examination, is flawed lamentably with a kind of blindness that our superiors would like us to think is morally righteous, when in fact, their intentions are woefully selfish, even evil in the extreme, of exploiting other cultures, plundering their natural resources, for our own ends? Do we mindless accept and adopt in our own lives, this “heroism” of conquering crusaders, imposing our ideals on cultures who see not an idealistic heroism, but an evil empire occupying their lands, imposing a flawed and selfish culture, an ethno-centric Anglo-American assumption that our vision is the only game in town. I put it to you, gentlemen, that our cause is false, that we have been hoodwinked by Starfleet Command into a role that is hypocritical in the extreme, arrogant to the point of stupidity, and that we must LEARN and realise the falsity of our mission, that we must learn to listen, to understand, to empathise with the points of view of other civilisations, without any cultural bias to our own inherited values. Are you with me on this? Kirk, out!”

“Captain, I would like to point out, as your science officer, that you are in danger of “throwing the (proverbial) baby out with the bath-water”. Although it is clear that there are indeed grievous and lamentable defects in that particular code of morality, it is by no means all bad. If you will examine that set of ideals with a discriminating eye, I think you will no doubt admit that some of the concepts underpinning that civilisation, notwithstanding its behaviour, are to be commended as eminently rational and logical. Take this enlightened quotation, for instance, “In this Day the sun of craftsmanship shineth above the horizon of the occident and the river of arts is flowing out of the sea of that region. One must speak with fairness and appreciate such bounty. By the life of God! The word ‘Equity’ shineth bright and resplendent even as the sun. We pray God to graciously shed its radiance upon everyone. He is in truth powerful over all things, He Who is wont to answer the prayers of all men.” (Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah, p. 38).



1711216/20141031a) All the Threes. October 30, 2014

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12:48 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time),
Istiqlal, 16th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Independence, Honour of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Al-Jumu’ah, 7th Muharram, 1436 AH
Gathering Day of the week, of The Forbidden Month
Friday, 31st October 2014 AD

19:25. Stats:-

United Kingdom 6, Total 6.

12:49. My new mode of being seems to be “not going out”, much. Being home alone seems peaceful, tranquil, quiet, harmonious, safe, comfortable, living my life on my own terms, enjoyable, more spiritual, less dealing with “psychological issues”, less defending myself, less having to waste time regaining my equilibrium, nice.

19:26. This is the second consecutive day, on which I recited the LOP, and felt its meaning powerfully. I feel the effective has been to cause me to feel more down-to-earth, more grounded, more stable, more centred, less inclined to flights of fancy, to over-interpretation, to emotional over-reaction, which is nice.

20:04. Watching “ST:TNG”, episode, “Cause and Effect” in which Data sends back a message like “33” to get out of a temporal loop, in which the Enterprise is destroyed. Maybe this is the meaning of the “33” which was so mysteriously uttered in my presence in 2007 in Cowley. Maybe someone is a secret time-traveller and has seen my disastrous future, and is hoping to avert it, and break a temporal loop. Data sends a message back, in the subconscious of his positronic brain, so that he deals to 4 card players, each a 3, of all 4 sorts, then he deals 3 of a kind to the 4 players, so, 3,6,6,6 to one, 3,K,K,K to another etc. Data interprets this to suggest to him that he should NOT recommend using a tractor beam to avoid collision with another ship, which fails, and not use the tractor beam, thus avoiding the collision. “Collision in 36 seconds”. 2085 occurrences of the numeral 3 crop up. There are 3 dots on the ensignia of the rank of Riker, so Data surmises that his suggestion of depressurising a shuttle bay to push the Enterprise out of the way, was the correct suggestion, which avoids the Enterprise’s destruction.

1711215/20141030a) October 29, 2014

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00:33 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time),
Istijlal, 15th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Majesty, Questions of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Al-Khamis, 6th Muharram, 1436 AH
Fifth Day of the week, of The Forbidden Month
Thursday, 30th October 2014 AD

23:59. Stats:-

United Kingdom 11, United States 5, Total 16.

1711214/20141029a) October 29, 2014

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02:27 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time),
‘Idal, 14th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Justice, Speech of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Al-Arba’aa’, 5th Muharram, 1436 AH
Fourth Day of the week, of The Forbidden Month
Wednesday, 29th October 2014 AD

23:59. Stats:-

United Kingdom 11, United States 4, Total 15.

10:43. I occurs to me this morning that the reason I am holed up in this maisonette most of the time, not socially mixing with hardly anyone, is that the ONLY people who do NOT judge me, and make me livid with anger, and therefore full of hatred for everything on Earth, are the Muslims of MECO and the younger generation of Baha’is and their friends who attend the Castle DM/G, and in cyberspace, some of my Facebook friends, whose support I depend on for self-assurance, and my contact guy in the NHS. Everyone else whom I try to mix with seems to have an attitude of patronising condescension which I cannot abide.

Or it could be that my perception of condescension is either inaccurate or justified. What I mean is that maybe they are not condescending, or maybe they are justified in being condescending. In any event, the effect is to isolate and exclude me socially.

The phrase “constructed dismissal” comes to mind. Did I jump or was I pushed? And if pushed, why? No one will ever tell me.

Yes, its a pity there aren’t more people in the Community struggling with the legacy of childhood emotional abuse, and its effects of PTSD, who are as open about it as me, with whom I can associate as in “like seeketh like and taketh pleasure in the company of its kind”. The emphasis in the Writings on respecting parents at all costs would for many, make being open about it, extremely disobedient to the Teachings, and cause them to suffer psychologically a martyr’s death at every turn, rather than breathe a word of what they have been through.

10:42. IF the world had been invaded by “Bodysnatchers” as in the film of the same name, how would those that remain unaffected and uncontrolled, 1) prove that an invasion was in progress, 2) identify those who were also unaffected, 3) identify those factors that ensured resistance to being taken over, 4) free those who are affected, 5) find out how to repel the invaders, 6) consolidate the fight-back and secure continued independence from incursions by such invaders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIdjA-uu-nY

On the other hand, maybe those “taken over” have just evolved spiritually into a new race of men, whose experience of being alive is unrecognisable to those who have not been transformed in the same way, and APPEAR not to be human, but in fact have become “superhuman” and are destined to replace the old race who will become extinct. Either explanation is pretty unpalatable for those “left behind”.

“The Return of the Archons” (ST:TOS) in which a race of mindless, vacant contentment, not unlike the Bodysnatched above, alternates every 24 hours from noon, with mindless, uncontrolled violence in everyone under about 50, all under the rule of “Landrew” who demands and expects absolute obedience. Reminds me of “Quatermass and the Pit” in which the people of London are taken over telepathically by some evil ET force awakened from a crashed UFO in a tube station. The disobedient are either absorbed “into the body” or into “the mindless collective” or in extremity, killed. Landrew is a mindless holographic projection, without consciousness. Its a dystopia where, in order to enforce peace, all individuality and critical independent thought is crushed. Peace through death, spiritual and intellectual death. The kind of logic from the Party in “1984”. A bit like materilaistic, secular consumerism, “You can choose anything you like with perfect freedom as long as you don’t think for yourself or question the absolute tyranny of a false philosophy of dialectical materialism, corporatism, scientism, atheism, nationalism etc etc. The planet is called Beta 3. Reminds me of “Revolution in 2100” by Robert A Heinlein, in which a religious tyranny exists in north America, a return of a kind of Spanish Inquisition.. Similar to that of a post-apocalyptic America in “The Chrysalids”, a tyranny of Christian fundamentalist revivalism. Looks like McCoy has been “absorbed” into the joy peace tranquillity and happiness of “Landrew”. Kirk has been absorbed. Spock next. Looks like the “mind control” is effected using extremely advanced technology, like MK Ultra and Monarch Programming, as in Heinlein. A lethal combination. Like “1984”. Beta 3, as in Alpha Part 2, Trinity. The symbolism is easy to see. A false Second Advent created with smoke and mirrors! Spock has escaped due to “the resistance”. Some are immune to the mind control. Kirk was only acting! Spock:- a soulless society with no spirit. Spock nails it! A military technology, perhaps with ET help, able to project a Returned Christ onto the sky throughout the world, a global performance, with the same technology used to fool the people of Phoenix in about 1990 to think they saw real UFOs over the city. Landrew lived 6000 years ago, 4000 BC. and was replaced by a computer, a machine with no spirit, which is destroyed by Kirk and Spock. Beta 3 is in System C 1 11. AB to C, 3 to 111. One religion with 3 gods to 3 religions with 1 God! But then, the answer is always to add 2. 5 religions with 1 God.

15:23. I’m wondering why I’m enjoying the soundtrack to “A Clockwork Orange” so much. Perhaps its the contentment with spiritual desolation, social emptiness, psychological alienation and isolation. That beauty of, in the words of Buzz Aldrin, “Magnificent Desolation”. Reminds me of a drunken stupor in Andorra in 1973, on a bus of Andorrians, singing too loudly to Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance”, “Lloyd George knew my father, father knew Lloyd George”, embarrassing my school-mate Graeme, and being told by one of the passengers, repeatedly, “Monsieur, Get Off!”

15:24. Dreamt that my blog had not 5, or 10 or 15 hits in one day, but suddenly 3,333. Symbolic of what? I have NO idea. Symbolism gets exhausting after a while.

Reminds me of a Feast in Cowley. One person says to another “in code” “33”, and the other person, even though he doesn’t understand what “33” means, whispers back in the same hushed tones, “33”! Just like the two space anemones in ST:TNG, “Encounter at Farpoint, Part 2”, meeting up together in orbit around the planet, after one of them for years was tortured into turning itself by Gropla Zorn into a Starbase on the surface in tremendous pain. Only space anemones like these two, communicate secretly using coded numbers!

I say anemone, because space anemone sounds brilliant, but the reality in words is more like space jellyfish, as in “Would you like a jelly baby?”

33 means two people or space anemones, or interplanetary jellyfish whatever, which have in their lives 1) themselves, 2) each other and 3) Baha’u’llah, and no one else really counts, and so each of them sees a three, sees a three in the other, and when one person sees two threes, and the other person concurs, and also sees two threes, then they both see two threes, and behold, you have four threes. And 43 Park End Road, Romford, was where Grandma and Grandpa lived, Nelly Johnson and Arthur James VICTOR Rose, who is my first spiritual father, and after 1969 when he passed away on 20th June, my guide and helper in the Abha Kingdom.

1711213/20141028a) Time Line. October 27, 2014

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23:59 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time),
Fidal, 13th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Grace, Power of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Ath-Thalaathaa’, 4th Muharram, 1436 AH
Third Day of the week, of The Forbidden Month
Tuesday, 28th October 2014 AD

23:59. Stats:-

United Kingdom 4, Italy 2, United States 1, Total 7.

1955. 0. Born.

1957. 2. Moved from Orpington, Kent to 19 Bockhampton Road, Kingston-on-Thames, London.

1958. 3. Sister, Christine born.

1960. 5. Moved from Kingston-on-Thames, London to Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 12 Well Meadow Road. Brother, David born.

1962. 7. circa, Walking home with Mum down Well Meadow Road at night, in winter, “Peter, look up at the stars”. And on one lonely day, shouted from the top of the stairs, “I want to die”.

1964. 8. Earliest memory of factual TV, the Japanese sounding theme to the BBC coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.

1965. 10. The launch of the new comic, “TV21” replaces “The Eagle” on the doormat every week. Earliest memory of a newscast, Edward White of Gemini 4 becomes the first American to walk in space.

1966. 11. Failed “11 plus”, but given a 2nd chance because my birthday was in November, and an extra year in Primary School. “Thunderbirds are Go” at the cinema fires an ambition to go to Mars.

1967. 12. Sent to boarding school, Longford Hall, 2 miles outside Newport, Shropshire, in the middle of the countryside. Not allowed to watch “Captain Scarlet”, so gravitate to astronomy and NASA instead.

1968. 13. Senator Bobby Kennedy assassinated. “2001: A Space Odyssey” at the cinema. Apollo 8 orbits the Moon. Start to learn about astronomy using a Hamlyn Guide in Colour. Am aware of the first manned Apollo 7 flight in Earth orbit and start a scrap-book of newspaper cuttings. Circa. Dad spends £9 on a approximately 2″ refractor telescope.

1969. 14. Grandpa, Victor Rose passes away. Family moved from Well Meadow Road to 2 Granville Street, off Copthorne Road. Apollo 11 lands on the Moon, but is totally ignored as we all mourn Grandpa’s passing staying at 43 Park End Road, Romford, Essex.

1970. 15. Circa, said in St Chad’s church, “If there is a God, tell me what you want me to do”, and in the AGS classroom block, “If you’ve got a message you want me to give to mankind, I’m ready”. Got the form prize for academic achievement with Michael H. Prize, “Norton’s Star Atlas”

1971. 16. Went to see King Crimson in concert at the Manchester Free Trade Hall, Incredible String  Band and The Strawbs at Birmingham Town Hall, and “A Clockwork Orange” at the cinema.

1972. 17. Apollo 17 closes NASA Apollo programme to walk on the Moon. Took and obtained 8 ‘O’ levels. Went on a camping holiday in Scotland from Crieff to Aucterader with Andrew. Got the form prize for academic achievement, together with Michael H and Michael W. Prize:- Perpillou’s “Human Geography”.

1973. 18. Felt suicidally depressed, given iron tablets for anemia by GP. Cosmetic surgery in Copthorne Hospital for embarrassing symptom. Easter, went on a Thomsons’ skiing holiday in Andorra, at Soldau, the Pyrennees with Graeme.

1974. 19. Arrived at UCL (University College, London) to study Architecture. Responded to adverts to learn about TM (Transendental Meditation). The Baha’i Faith mentioned by an American Baha’i at a TM training session. Attended 2 firesides at 27 Rutland Gate, with speakers, Meranghiz Munsiff, and Simon Mortimore. Obtained 3 ‘A’ levels.

1975. 20. Declared and enrolled as a Baha’i in Shrewsbury. Attended Summer School in Tiverton, Devon, Winter School, Sierre, Switzerland.

1976. 21. Taken ill during 1 week as a trainee computer programmer in Wrexham, Clwyd, put on “Modecate” at beginning of 1st hospitalisation. Family moved from Shrewsbury to 19 Harold Street, Hereford.

1977. 22. Lew Grade and Zefferelli make the 4 part TV series “Jesus of Nazareth” starring Robert Powell and Ernest Borgnine. Take a temporary clerical assistant job for the Welsh Water Authority in Hereford. Go on a Youth 9 Day Pilgrimage to Haifa and Acre, and receive Persian classical poetry calligraphy from Hand of the Cause, Mr Abu’l-Qasim Faizi, “Concerning the Divine Musician’s manifestation of love, How astonishing, His melody, and the illumination emanating therefrom. In the journey of the wayfarer, the 8-chord melody produces the sound of salvation”.

1978. 23. Get a permanent clerical assistant job in the Unemployment Benefit Office. Attend a Youth Conference in Nottingham.

1979. 24. Attend Summer School in the Orkney Islands.

1981. 26. Went travel-teaching in Trinidad and Tobago.

1982. 27. Went travel-teaching in Northern Ireland and attended International Conference in Dublin.

1983. 28. Moved to Banbury, after getting a transfer from Hereford to Banbury, Oxfordshire.

1984. 29. Go on a 9 Day Pilgrimage to Haifa and Akka, with a week afterwards in Jerusalem, taking Egged tour buses to Bethlehem, Hebron, En Gedi, Qumran, Massada, Jericho, Tiberius, Mount Hermon, Golan Heights, Mount of the Beatitudes, Sea of Gallilee.

1992. 37. Attended 2nd World Congress in New York, with the ESB (Empire State Building) in full view out of my hotel room window. Go to the top of the ESB and the WTC.

1993. 38. 2nd hospitalisation.

1997. 42. 3rd hospitalisation.

1999. 44. circa. Started Ruhi Book 1 for the first time.

2002. 47. Escape hospitalisation by the skin of my teeth.

2003. 48. Finished Ruhi Book 7.

2006. 51. Introduced to aloe vera from FLP.

2007. 52. 4th hospitalisation. Introduced to megavitamin therapy. Resign from the Department of Employment after more than 29 years, to become a full time student at Bangor, north Wales, for 3 weeks, before returning to Kidlington on 15th October. 11th October, Dad passes away after a year of cancer.

2008. 53. 5th hospitalisation.

2009. 54. After National Convention in Llandudno, stop taking NHS medication with no ill effects for 18 months. Attended Alpha Course at St Aldate’s Church, Oxford.

2010. 55. 6th hospitalisation.

2011. 56. 7th hospitalisation. Mum passes away after some months at a nursing home, after being looked after by my brother for several years. Service at St Paul’s Tupsley, Hereford, and her ashes at Upminster Cemetery, near Romford, where Grandma and Grandpa’s ashes were put.

2012. 57. 8th hospitalisation.

2013. 58. Attend Summer School in Crowthorne, Berkshire. Move in May from studio flat at No 48 Wilsdon Way, Kidlington to 3 room maisonette.

2014. 59. Attend Summer Schools in Kilkenny, RoI, and Crowthorne, Berkshire.






1711212/20141027a) October 26, 2014

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14:48 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time),
Kamal, 12th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Perfection, Knowledge of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Al-Ithnayn, 3rd Muharram, 1436 AH
Second Day of the week, of The Forbidden Month
Monday, 27th October 2014 AD

23:59. Stats:-

United Kingdom 2, United States 2, Total 4.

08:51. I think that “my social reality” is that if there are any people in my social space, and there are many, who behave and think, like my father, since my first priority is to try to avoid being hospitalised in a psychiatric ward, then avoiding so many people, means virtually being “under siege” in my home, neither going out except to do necessities like buying groceries, and neither allowing anyone in, in other words, becoming a recluse, and communicating here on the Net. The bare minimum of Baha’i attendance, Feasts, Holy Days, Unit Convention, and one DM/G, is possible only by “method acting” and pretending to be someone I am not, in order to fit in and be able to behave in an acceptable manner. But that is all. Its a pathetic situation, a stalemate, where my social life is all but destroyed, but there seems no alternative but to grin and bear it and wait for something to change, but nothing has changed in 39 years as a Baha’i, so why expect that something will change. To me the only escape is to wait, expectantly full of hope, for that release when Baha’u’llah decrees my exit from this world, to somewhere, where people like my father don’t exist.

I just felt as if this “nervous impression” that I am trying to get away from, of being bullied insane by my father, is inside me, like a tapeworm, clinging to my digestive tract, or an alien as in the film of the same name. If this thing is inside me, inside my soul, perhaps, then the only release would be to cease to exist, which has been an underlying wish for me from about the age of 7, when I remember shouting at the top of the stairs, in 12 Well Meadow Road, Shrewsbury, “I want to die”. Perhaps the wish to cease to exist is greater than any other wish within me.

It also occurs to me that my whole existence is defined by this conflict, between me and the nervous impression, the suppressed memory of being bullied insane. There has never been anything else of equal intrinsic importance. Searching for the Kingdom then, was just a symptom of trying to find a way away from this inner nervous impression. If anyone can “deal with” it, the Kingdom can, would have been my deep logic.


1711211/20141026a) Happy New Year, 1436 AH. October 25, 2014

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00:51 BST (British Summer Time),
Jamal, 11th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Beauty, Will of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Yaum Al-Ahad, 2nd Muharram, 1436 AH
First Day of the week, of The Forbidden Month
Sunday, 26th October 2014 AD

23:07. Stats:-

United Kingdom 3, United States 1, Total 4.

00:53. The 1st and 2nd of Muharram, the first two days of every Muslim Year, mark a new beginning, a new day, symbolic of a new Age, and happen to be, in the Islamic calendar, the same dates as the birthdays of The Bab in 1819 and Baha’u’llah in 1817. And on the these days at the beginning of a new year, a new day, symbolic of a new Day, a new Age, at the transition from the Kingdom of Man on Earth to the Kingdom of God on Earth, referred to in the Holy Qur’an as the Last Day, the Day of Judgment, the Day of Resurrection, on the 1st Muharram, the first day of the New Day, was the birthday, of The Bab, in 1819 AD on 20th October/1235 AH, and on the 2nd Muharram was the birthday of Baha’u’llah, in 1817 AD on 12th November/ 1233 AH. Yesterday was the Islamic New Year (Happy New Year, my Muslim chums!), year 1436 AH (after the Hijrah, the migration from Mecca to Medina), in 622 AD. And the colour most associated with the Revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad is green. And yesterday’s episode of Dr Who, “In the Forest of the Night” has the whole world reforested in a covering “of the purest green” (Lord Percy!) and the Doctor is figuring it out.

23:05. It seems there are no “inter-personal relationships” in my life, yet I feel liberated not isolated. Strange, with everyone talking of sheep, herd instinct, and man being a “social animal”. Still, when the crunch comes, I’ll find no one to team up with to survive. So what? It doesn’t matter. The loss of one lone wolf will not even be noticed, let alone regretted.

1711210/20141025a) When water is turned into aviation fuel. October 25, 2014

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01:26 BST (British Summer Time),
Jalal, 10th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Glory, Might of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
As-Sabt, 1st Muharram, 1436 AH
Seventh Day of the week, of The Forbidden Month
Saturday, 25th October 2014 AD

01:26. Stats:-

United Kingdom 3, United States 2, Total 5.

13:46. I’m told that since the Baha’i Faith rests on a foundation of Islam, as Christianity rested on a foundation of Judaism, and since Islam is being successfully discredited in the eyes of the world and being shown that it cannot possibly be based on a genuine Revelation from God, that when Islam is utterly destroyed, then the Baha’i Faith will simply disappear. BUT IF Islam, in its original essence IS INDEED a Revelation from God, and as Queen Victoria pointed out when she received Baha’u’llah’s letter circa 1870, “If this is of God it will endure, and if it is not, it can do no harm”, then every Saudi petro-dollar thrown at Wahabi or Selafi extremism, designed to undermine and destroy Islam from within, every back channel petro-dollar thrown at Boko Haram, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and all the other “jihadist” violent extremists distorting the name of Islam into a parody of that genuine source of Divine Revelation which spawned the genius of Islamic Civilisation when Europe was in the Dark Ages, and whose science formed the very basis of “western civilisation” after the torch of civilisation was passed from Islam to Europe, between the Crusades and the Enlightenment, designed to be water to quench the light of Islam under a torrent of emotion, fear of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, and moral repugnance at its violent crimes, that every molecule of this water of emotion, God will turn into the fire of inspiration, and rather than quench the fire, will like aviation fuel,make it burn even hotter. As in the Qur’an, “The infidels plotted, and God plotted and God is the best of plotters”, and Baha’u’llah, written in about 1852, “67. O CHILDREN OF FANCY! Know, verily, that while the radiant dawn breaketh above the horizon of eternal holiness, the satanic secrets and deeds done in the gloom of night shall be laid bare and manifest before the peoples of the world. (Baha’u’llah, The Persian Hidden Words). And when this dawn breaks, as it must soon do, those in the elite who thought they could quench the light and the fire of Divine Revelation in the Persons of Muhammad (622), The Bab (1844) and Baha’u’llah (1863) will recognise that these three Manifestations of the Divine, denied and held in contempt by the elite from the beginning, will constitute those Three Revelations of the Christ Spirit, denied before the cock crew, announcing the Dawn of the New Day, by he who represented the Faith of Jesus Christ, on the night of Jesus’ Crucifixion.

00:48. Today is the Islamic New Year (Happy New Year, my Muslim chums!), year 1436 AH (after the Hijrah, the migration from Mecca to Medina), in 622 AD. And the colour most associated with the Revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad is green. And tonight’s episode of Dr Who, “In the Forest of the Night” has the whole world reforested in a covering “of the purest green” (Lord Percy!) and the Doctor is figuring it out.

1711209/20141024a) Its United Nations Day! October 24, 2014

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02:27 BST (British Summer Time),
Istiqlal, 9th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Independence, Names of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Al-Jumu’ah, 30th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1435 AH
Gathering Day of the week, of The Month of Pilgrimage
Friday, 24th October 2014 AD

23:59. Stats:-

United States 6, United Kingdom 3, Total 9.

23:49. Coincidentally, watching the 1st episode of ST:TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation) “Encounter Beyond Farpoint, Part 1”. Lt Commander Data states to “Q” that in 2036 the New United Nations decreed that no people be condemned for the crimes of their ancestors. However, in one of the ST:TNG films, “First Contact”, it was stated that in 2063, a nuclear WW3 had recently taken place, and the world unity following that had been triggered not by the aftermath of that war, but by First Contact with Vulcans in 2063. A slight lack of continuity, methinks.

1711208/20141023a) October 22, 2014

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00:15 BST (British Summer Time),
Istijlal, 8th ‘Ilm, 171 BE
Majesty, Perfection of Knowledge
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Al-Khamis, 29th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1435 AH
Fifth Day of the week, of The Month of Pilgrimage
Thursday, 23rd October 2014 AD

23:59. Stats:-

United Kingdom 8, United States 3, Philippines 1, Australia 1, Total 13.

23:35. Sunday evening, Holy Day celebration of the Birth of the Bab, Monday evening, Oxford Brookes Discussion Group at Headington Campus, Tuesday evening, MECO Qur’an Seminar, Wednesday evening, Castle DM/G, Thursday evening Oxford Brookes Discussion Group at Harcourt Campus, Friday evening, 6th evening out in a row, nothing to go to, so I’ll probably stay in and watch TV. After 5 evenings out in a row, I seem to be enjoying a steady, but substantial amount of energy, which is nice!