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1711415/20141207a) December 7, 2014

Posted by pete1844 in Diary.
05:17 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time),
Jamal, 15th Qawl, 171 BE
Beauty, Questions of Speech
Year number 19, Vahid, (Unity)
Vahid number 9, Baha, (Splendour)
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Yaum Al-Ahad, 14th Safar, 1436 AH
First Day of the week, of The Void Month
Sunday, 7th December 2014 AD

05:18. Stats:-

United States 1, Total 1.

05:20. Later today, Unit Convention for Unit 48 out of 95 in England, Oxfordshire, North. Electorate 69 or 70 adults in the Districts of Oxford City, Cherwell and West Oxfordshire, to elect one delegate out of 95, to attend National Convention next April or May, to elect the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United Kingdom for the following year.



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