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1721102/14361214/20150928 Facebook Crashed by Pop Videos. September 28, 2015

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20:13 BST (British Summer Time),
Kamal, 2nd Mashiyyat, 172 BE
2nd = Jamal, Beauty
Perfection, Beauty of Will
Year number 1, Alif, (the letter “A”),
Vahid number 10, Hubb, (Love),
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
Al Ithnayn, 12th Dhu Al-Qi’dah, 1436 AH
Second Day of the week, of The Eleventh of Pilgrimage
Monday, 28th September 2015 AD.


Dear Peeps,

Well, WATT a turn-up for the books. I was just trying to post on FB a few pop videos, and a comment on the speech by John McDonnell, that this was only 30% of McDonnell, a window of Steppenwolf “Born to be Wild”, a Cream song I believe, and the best version of the song, used I believe in the classic film “Easy Rider” in which the veteran actor, Jack Nicholson had his debut, followed by Sinead live, singing “John I Love You”, on a friend’s page, but unable to post it on my FB page. It seems I’d given the western elite heartburn and it vomited up claiming a need for scheduled maintenance, and shutting down for business completely, hence me posting here instead. I was also about to post Dido’s “Don’t Leave Home”, when the Net started to collapse. The comment I was going to make on McDonnell only being a third of himself in his Labour Party Conference speech, was that McDonald’s farm, composed of 3 “animals”, that is McDonald the farmer, his goat and his cat, only the goat was in agreement with McDonnell’s speech, so it seems that the cat, and the farm owner are not yet on side and in agreement. Hmm!

Here’s the pop videos:-

Steppenwolf “Born to be wild” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UWRypqz5-o

Sinead O’Connor “John, I love you” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z7srLwOjEw

Dido “Don’t Leave Home” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLpsDamWdIM

Hmm! Yummy!





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