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1731608/20170106 Hit the Hyperdrive, Chewy! January 6, 2017

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15:30 GMT, Istiqlal, 8th Sharaf, 173 BE
Friday, 6th January 2017 AD.

Good Afternoon, Peeps! Years gone by, I used to relish a visit to WHSmiths at the top of Pride Hill in Shrewsbury, where I lived from 1960 to 1967, when I was dispatched to boarding school. I remember seeing a display of a small number of Matchbox Toys there and marvelling at the beauty and magic of a mint, boxed No 69 maroon, Nestles van with a sliding door, if memory serves. That was many years ago. Over the years, the excited anticipation of going into WHSmiths to see what wonders lurked within, stayed in my mind as a constant promise of dazzling, glittering treasures of new knowledge and wonder. Over the years too, this promise was honoured less and less as time went by until now, the ancipipation is one of sad and disillusioned disappointment as all the gold gradually paled into lifeless irrelevance. The magic of Matchbox Toys was crushed around 1969 as regular wheels were replaced by Superfast wheels and in a desperate attempt to out-do Mattels Hot Wheels, Matchbox Toys degenerated into what I call “munch bunch” monstrosities. The magic of Gerry Anderson began to pale with the second season of “Thunderbirds” and Virgil’s voice artist switched from David Halliday to Jeremy Wilkin. NASA began to pale with Apollo 17 being the last manned visit to the Moon. Politics became toxic with the murder of Bobby in 1968, though “false hopes” would appear periodically and soon disasppoint. Progessive rock decayed, lost its magic and then got obliterated in the onslaught of Punk circa 1976. But in the realm of religion, despite all the naysayers crowing, “brainwashing”, “propaganda”, and worse, after the intense excitement abnd europhoria of 1975, finding the Kingdom of God on Earth, though occasionally tainted by doubt in the form of toxic innuendoes from a pletrhora of sources, the promise of renewed hope, spirit and a feeling deep down of a well-being that never paled, never disappeared completely, never became completely just a vain nostalgia for past magic now dead as all the gold and silver above became. The deep feeling of a “peace that passes all understanding”, with the unmistakable source being the Greatest Name of God, Baha’i, has never totally vanished, and often, through immersing myself in His Creative Word, has completely returned, inspiring me with that spirit of steadfastness, constancy and certitude, which is the object of such contempt and hatred in the dark hearts of the naysayers. Ya Baha’u’l-Abha!

After 95 Allah’u’Abhas this afternoon, I felt like the Millenium Falcon, under the leadership of Han Solo, saying, “Hit the hyperdrive button, Chewy!” to escape the imminent oppression of Imperial Forces, taking a minimum of cargo, and as the vision sees the visible effect of the stars elongating as the hyperdrive kicks in, the Word of God, is the real deal, the real food, the real fuel, and Matchbox, Anderson, NASA, Kennedys, Pink Floyd, and all the other baubles and tinsel of commercial titilation, all pale into nothingness and fall back as wasted, used up, first and second stages of a Saturn 5 rocket, discarded as of no further use. Feels VERY good!



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