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About Pete Rose

Pete was born in Farnborough, near Orpington, Kent, England at 19:20 on 16th November 1955 to Basil and Sylvia. After 4 years in London, his family, now including sister Christine, moved to Shrewsbury in the Midlands in 1960, where shortly afterwards, brother David was born. In 1967 he started 7 years as a boarder at Adams’ Grammar School, Newport, Shropshire, followed by 1 abortive year doing Architecture at University College London, during which year in 1975, he enroled as a member of the Baha’i Faith. From June 1975 to June 1977 he was either unemployed or ill, then worked as an office worker temporarily for the Welsh Water Authority in Hereford, then for nearly 30 years for the Department of Employment, now Work and Pensions, firstly in Hereford, then Banbury and then Oxford. After resigning in September 2007, he tried being a full time student at Bangor University in Gwynedd, North Wales, doing BSc Creative Technologies, but after just less than 3 weeks, felt, after Basil died on 11th October 2007 of cancer, first diagnosed in May 2006, that his situation in Bangor was financially unsustainable, returned to Oxford, and worked in a construction industry office job until the firm went into receivership in February 2008, and he has since been claiming JSA and then incapacity benefit. Since March 2004 he has lived in his own leasehold studio flat, instead of rented rooms; all the rest is best expressed in poems, short-stories, and articles etc. elsewhere in this Blog. Any comments are extremely welcome; Pete is fascinated by alternative points of view and has been and is always eager to learn.



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