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HELLO, PEEPS! MISS ME YET? September 5, 2015

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20:51 BST (British Summer Time),
Jalal, 5th Asma’, 172 BE
5th = Nur
Glory, Light of Names
Year number 1, Alif, (the letter “A”),
Vahid number 10, Hubb, (Love),
Kull-i-Shay (Fullness of Time), number 1, Alif, (A),
As Sabt, 21st Dhu Al-Qi’dah, 1436 AH
Seventh Day of the week, of The Eleventh or Month of Truce
Saturday, 5th September 2015 AD.
Hello there, pop-pickers! I’ve been on FB since March, and still am, but this is a bit more intimate, a bit more cosy, and slightly less public, perhaps. Mind you, I haven’t much to say, just “hello”. Nothing else comes to mind. Just how I FEEL, which is fairly cheerful, relaxed, calm, content, even maybe slightly happy which is’good!
Recent issues include the date. Is it 2015 or 3015 AD, and if it IS 3015, after 2852, has Morgan Tyler appeared yet, and if so, can anyone tell me how to enrol in her religion, please? Who is Morgan Tyler? Well,  the following might explain it:-
479) Draft: Short Story: The Red Planet and the Twin Moons.

Typed and posted, 11:45, Idal (Justice), 9th (Asma’ (Names)), Rahmat (Mercy) 165 BE
11:45, Wednesday 2nd July 2008 CE
Written, 11:00 Tuesday 1st July 2008 CE

It was 2922 AD, 1078 BE, and on the slopes of Planitia Mons, an extinct volcano, the small village of Burrswell, nestled under the heights of the volcano to the north east. Burrswell was named after the classic Terrahawks producer, Christopher Burr, who collaborated with the SuperMarionation master, Gerry Anderson on that series, in the 20th century CE, 2nd century BE. Burrswell was a dormitory village for a nearby mining plant, extracting Turbinium, and in this village, lived a 13 year old boy, James WordPress, who lived with his widowed mother, Rachel. One day, James was not on Planitia Mons, but visiting his maternal grandfather, a very elderly Joe Hudson, famous author. Joe told him a secret, that the famed and long-awaited Manifestation of God from Baha’u’llah, had appeared on Mars and was the first independent Manifestation since Baha’u’llah Himself, (1817-1892) (-27-48 BE) the Supreme Manifestation of God for the next approximately 498,930 years for the civilization based on Earth. Baha’u’llah’s earthly life had been spent in the Middle East and had been at the beginning of the Baha’i Era of mankind’s Cycle of Fulfillment. James learned from Grandpa Joe, that he had met a stunning black lady in her 20s, during one of his infrequent visits to his agent on Phobos, six months previously. She was based on Deimos, and been dressed in a thin, long orange dress, her long jet black hair straightened, her dark brown skin a shade paler than her hair. She had not yet gone public about her claim, but had found that Joe, having studied the Writings, had suspected that from allusory and cryptic language in the Writings, the qualities and characteristics of the new Manifestation. After he had told her of his findings, she had confided in him, that she is fact fulfilled all the conditions that he had perceived in the Writings, and that she was indeed the One his heart, soul and mind sought. Her given name was Tyler Morgan, descended from a Baha’i family in the time of Shoghi Effendi, himself, the relatives of Enoch Olinga in Uganda, Africa, who’d been appointed a Hand of the Cause of God, by Shoghi Effendi in 1955 CE, 111BE. Her family had emigrated, and in fact pioneered, to Mars hundreds of years before. With such a noble lineage, Joe had found her well schooled in The Faith, as well as being descended from those heroic Baha’is who’d been at the start of the epic enterprise of building The Kingdom of God not only on Earth, but the Solar System and on, to the Stars. Joe had searched the Writings for clues about the coming Manifestation had found many such allusory and cryptic references, couched in language, that could be discounted with plausible deniability. When Tyler told Joe she fitted all his criteria, he had been at once, shocked, excited, skeptical, and also instantly devoted to his new friend. She satisfied all his conditions for being the next Manifestation of God, inspired by Baha’u’llah, for the Solar System. She was a woman, she was black and she was on Mars, the Crimson Ark of Mars, not a reference to the Arc with a C on Mount Carmel, the centre of His Kingdom, but Ark with a K, an Ark of salvation as was the Arc, a lifeboat, a stepping stone for mankind from Earth to the Stars. Mars was, is and always will be the gateway from Earth outwards across the final frontier. Mars was also excellently placed as a haven from the past limitations and problems of Earth. Joe had perceived these veiled allusions in the Writings and had so far as he could discern, been joined in his musings only by Tyler herself, Who seemed endowed with innate knowledge far beyond the overt AND veiled meaning of The Writings. She seemed in touch with Baha’u’llah Himself, and au fait with His knowledge, not deposited in His Writings on Earth before His Ascension in 1892. Now James as well knew the Truth of the next Manifestation and as Joe shared his secret with Joe, both their hearts felt full with that awesome humility at discovering for the first time, news of a new Revelation from the Creator of the Universe. On Deimos the next Manifestation lived, preparing for the Day when she would unveil her beauteous Countenance in the midmost heart of creation. Joe and James were the first. Soon millions would know of Tyler Morgan, and the next chapter in God’s Revelation to mankind.

going back to bed, tired, until 09:45

alarm set 08:49

word count 771.”

and also, from FB:-

“Assuming for the moment that I’m some sort of Frank Poole, and have been found, thawed out, resusitated in the year 3015 AD as in “3001; The Final Odyssey” and am still being “prepared and conditioned” to be psychologically ready to be told the date, as Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery” (PETE, BEHAVE! and DBS!) except that a deep freeze of 1000 years beats Austin’s mere 30 years. AND, if it is 3015 AD, well past 2852 AD, has the following happened yet, please? And if it has, how do I enrol in the new religion, please?”

Any feedback, preferably constructive is always welcome.

Over and out for now, Pete.



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